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Apacheのバーチャルホスト(SNI)で複数ドメインにSSLを導入 | Apelog
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may 2018 by oppara
Philo streams pay TV without sports, broadcast channels for $16/month - Recode
Philo launched its 'entertainment' bundle with a base price of $16, which gives you 37 networks from AMCX, DISCA, SNI and VIAB. We believe this bundle and the potential for others like it (we have heard speculation about one from Dish) will help accelerate the decline in subscribers at traditional MVPDs in 2018. However, unlike the sports oriented skinny bundles like YouTube TV, we believe the long-term potential of Philo's 'entertainment' bundle is perilous.
There is market undoubtedly a market of non-sports households that have not made a wholesale move to Netflix and other OTT services, and remain large fans of the networks in Philo's bundle. This should help drive some amount of near-term subscriber growth at the expense of existing traditional MVPD subscribers. However, that market is likely the largest it will ever be right now, as the fragmentation of general entertainment viewing is likely to dilute the fan bases for these networks over time. This suggests that Philo may accelerate the decline in the traditional MVPD bundle, while doing little to protect the long-term value of the networks involved.
This likely explains the difference in Philo's pricing strategy, which seems to create the potential for immediate profits, versus the much lower gross margin strategy taken by the sport-oriented skinny bundles, where long-term demand seems sustainable and subscriber growth can drive long-term value.
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november 2017 by shrinkingbundle

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