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GitHub - ChangemakerStudios/Papercut: Papercut Simple Desktop SMTP Server
Papercut is a quick email viewer with a built-in SMTP server designed to only receive messages.
programming  email  smtp 
5 days ago by jarrodn
Exchange 2010 distribution groups don't accept internal mails through smtp - Server Fault
To allow SMTP users to be able to send emails to distribution groups with "Require that all users are authenticated" flag enabled on the group one has to add the "ms-Exch-SMTP-Accept-Authentication-Flag" to the Receive Connectors.

exchange  smtp  anonymous  distribution  group 
11 days ago by sphere2k
Eudora OSE - MozillaWiki
So this was a Qualcomm sponsored effort to make the thunderbird engine look like Eudora?
Qualcomm  Eudora  email  client  SMTP  POP3  thunderbird  mozilla  software 
29 days ago by asteroza
Authentication/DMARC Filter for email MTAs
Perl "milter" written by Fastmail to check authentication/signing and other authentication checks
smtp  mta  email  mail  authentication  verification  security 
4 weeks ago by reedhedges
Developer's Guide to Email
This guide is for curious people that want to learn more about how email works. While the concepts are technical and software development skills will be helpful, they’re not necessarily required.
guide  email  SMTP 
4 weeks ago by damli
How to Start / Stop Postfix Mail Server in Ubuntu Linux
$ sudo service postfix stop
$ sudo service postfix start
smtp  apache 
5 weeks ago by dougleigh
携帯電話宛バウンスの宛先不明とドメイン指定拒否を見分ける | Sisimai: Mail Analyzing Interface
spam  bouncemail  mail  smtp 
5 weeks ago by oppara

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