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[CentOS] Re: How to size an email server to handle 5 million emails per day
On Thu, Jan 03, 2008, Joshua Gimer wrote:
>I can only talk from experience; we are currently doing spam and anti-virus checks in our inbound flow of around 600,000 messages per day.
>To do this we have three inbound SMTP gateways running Sophos Puremessage with Sendmail as the MTA. These systems are quad proc systems with 6 to 8 GB of ram. This is still not enough to handle the inbound flow efficiently at our organization.
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14 days ago by dusko
AuthSMTP - Global Outgoing SMTP Email Service
Outgoing authenticated SMTP server and email relay service (solves most SMTP and email relay errors).

Global Outgoing SMTP Email Service

AuthSMTP is the outgoing SMTP email service for your e-commerce website, mailing list or email application on most current computers and mobile devices. With instant setup, a money back guarantee and very low cost starter accounts you can test and start sending email in minutes with no risk.
mta  mailserver  smtp 
14 days ago by dusko
Sendmail MTA for Linux / Unix - AuthSMTP (alternate port) setup guide
* These instructions will guide you through configuring Sendmail to use AuthSMTP as an authenticated smart host for all your outbound email
* These instructions assume your server is already configured with Sendmail, email can be received and you have external network access on one of the following ports - 23, 25, 26, 325, 2525
* Backup your Sendmail configuration files before making any changes.
* These instructions are only for the Sendmail Mail Transfer Agent, they are based on Sendmail version 8.13 installed on a Linux platform but will loosely apply to many other versions and platforms providing it is recent and has support for Cyrus SASL compiled in - for other email programs please see How To Setup AuthSMTP or contact us.
sendmail  mta  smtp 
14 days ago by dusko
Postfix MySQL Howto
Configure several postfix servers to auth the same users.
mailserver  mta  smtp  postfix  mysql  mariadb 
14 days ago by dusko
moggers87/salmon: Pythonic Mail Application Server forked from the last GPL'd release of Lamson
Salmon is a pure Python mail server designed to create robust and complex mail applications in the style of modern web frameworks. Salmon is designed to sit behind a traditional mail server in the same way a web application sits behind Apache or Nginx. It has all the features of a web application stack (templates, routing, handlers, state machine) and plays well with other libraries, such as Django and SQLAlchemy.
smtp  email  framework 
23 days ago by cothrun
Configure Postfix to Send Mail Using an External SMTP Server
sudo chmod 0600 /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd.db
smtp  postfix  external 
26 days ago by psm

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