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Pay-as-you-go programmable-sms, works in Norway
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4 days ago by danmichaelo
Sending SMS in Java with Twilio | Baeldung
A practical guide to sending SMS using Twilio.
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6 days ago by matthiasp
Binary SMS - The old backdoor to your new thing | Context Information Security
Despite being older than many of its users, Short Messaging Service (SMS) remains a very popular communications medium and is increasingly found on remote sensors, critical infrastructure and vehicles due to an abundance of cellular coverage. To phone users, SMS means a basic 160 character text message. To carriers and developers it offers a much more powerful range of options, with sizes up to a theoretical maximum of 35KB and a myriad of binary payloads detailed within the GSM 03.40 specification.

Carriers make use of these advanced features for remote management. They can send remote command SMS messages to trigger and interact with hidden applications on their devices without the user's consent. Law Enforcement can track a phone with 'silent' SMS messages designed not to alert the user. SMS technology underpins a lot of Mobile Device Management (MDM) frameworks.
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7 days ago by Chirael

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