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Amazon Alexa for Hospitality: The Smart Hotel of The Future Is Here
Amazon has announced a new version of its Echo smart home assistant, Alexa for Hospitality, targetted at hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry. With features on board specifically intended for businesses in the hospitality sector, Alexa for Hospitality pushes the envelope for posibilities in service standards in the industry. For guests who have Alexa...

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Amazon  Alexa  for  Hospitality:  The  Smart  Hotel  of  Future  Is  Here 
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Fetch Ai
Fetch.AI raises $15 million to further develop world’s first
smart ledger
Prominent technology investment houses participated
Fetch.AI will unveil public testnet later this year demonstrating uni...
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2 days ago by rarubin
Polkadot - heterogeneous multi‑chain technology
"The Polkadot protocol is intended to be a scalable heterogeneous multi-chain technology. Unlike previous blockchain implementations that have focused on providing a single chain of varying degrees of generality over potential applications, Polkadot itself will not provide any inherent application functionality at all. Rather, Polkadot will provide the bedrock relay-chain upon which a large number of validatable, globally-coherent dynamic data-structures may be hosted. We call these data-structures “parallelised” chains or parachains, though there is no specific need for them to be blockchain in nature.

In other words, Polkadot may be considered equivalent to a set of independent chains (e.g. the set containing Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Namecoin and Bitcoin) except for two very important points: pooled security and trust-free interchain transactability.

These points are why the Foundation considers Polkadot to be “scalable” in its design. In principle, a problem to be deployed on Polkadot may be substantially parallelised - scaled out - over a large number of parachains. Since all aspects of each parachain may be conducted in parallel by a different segment of the network, the system has some ability to scale.

Polkadot is intended to provide a bare-bones piece of infrastructure leaving much of the complexity to be addressed at the middleware level. This is a conscious decision intended to reduce development risk, enabling the requisite software to be developed within a short time span and with a good level of confidence over its security and robustness."

Key elements:
1 Relay chain > Coordinates consensus and transaction delivery between chains
2 Parachains > Constituent blockchains which gather and process transactions
3 Bridges > Link to blockchains with their own consensus such as Ethereum

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9 days ago by eocas
New JBL Link Smart Speaker Lineup Has Google Assistant Baked In
Harman International has announced the launch of the JBL Link family of voice-enabled Google Assistant-enabled Bluetooth speakers here in Singapore. This comes a month after Google had released its range of Google Home smart speakers in the country. The JBL Link, however, adds four variants in different forms: the Link 10, Link 20, Link 300...

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New  JBL  Link  Smart  Speaker  Lineup  Has  Google  Assistant  Baked  In 
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RT : One for you and one for you... and hey wait
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Strips smart home sensors for DIY consumers - Sensative
Smart strip sensors for windows & doors, as well as for temperature/water/light.
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14 days ago by arrelid

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