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An Invisible Rating System At Your Favorite Chain Restaurant Is Costing Your Server
"Tens of thousands of servers are being evaluated based on a tech-driven, data-oriented customer feedback system many say is both inaccurate and unfair." <>
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2 days ago by datasociety
Slackのチャンネル内のメッセージを全削除する by nodejs
node.jpをインストール、delete-channel-messages.jsをダウンロードしてトークンとチャンネルIDを記入、コンソールで node delete-channel-messages.js を叩くとモリモリ消える。
2 days ago by unknownlabel
<@U4280P7KQ> commented on <@U4280P7KQ>’s file <|HOW TO MAKE COLD BREW>: Some people have asked me for the recipe to the summer elixir of life. Enjoy responsibly.
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3 days ago by datasociety
Slack’s Stewart Butterfield on coping with rapid growth | Financial Times
"Trust is like “gravity”, he says, “it falls off very quickly”."
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3 days ago by niksilver

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