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this is the ghost story about the Capital i mentioned in SGS <>
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21 hours ago by datasociety
Slack Update: React to Messages with Reactji to Kick Off Zaps - Updates - Zapier
An emoji is worth a thousand words—and with the latest update to the Slack + Zapier integration, it can kick off a Zap, too. Use the New Reaction Added Trigger to kickstart a workflow whenever you add a reactji (Slack's term for reacting with an emoji) to a Slack message. ...
22 hours ago by donovanwatts
Building more intricate workflows in Slack with Dialogs
Using Dialogs, you can build forms in Slack that do all sorts of things (for bots).
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yesterday by lorenzck
The best Slack groups for UX designers –
Tons of companies are using Slack to organize and facilitate how their employees communicate on a daily basis. Slack has now more than 5 million daily active users and more than 60,000 teams around…
yesterday by aaronneilwood
Rebuilding – Several People Are Coding
In August, we released a major redesign of, and we want to give you a peek behind-the-scenes. Rebuilding our marketing website was a massive project that took careful coordination across a…
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2 days ago by gregg
slackin - Public Slack organizations made easy
2 days ago by raygrasso
Rebuilding – Several People Are Coding
We use some features of Grid that aren’t currently fully supported in all browsers, the most notable being percentage-based grid-gap. Although support for this has been implemented in some versions of Safari, we still needed to anticipate its absence. In practice, a Grid object is styled as follows:
@supports (display: grid) and (grid-template-columns: repeat(3, 1fr)) and (grid-row-gap: 1%) and (grid-gap: 1%) and (grid-column-gap: 1%) {
.c-photo-collage {
display: grid;
grid-gap: 1.5rem 2.4390244%;
.c-photo-collage > :nth-child(1) {
grid-column: 1 / span 3;
grid-row: 1;
.c-photo-collage > :nth-child(2) {
grid-column: 2;
grid-row: 2;
.c-photo-collage > :nth-child(3) {
grid-column: 4;
grid-row: 1;
align-self: flex-end;
.c-photo-collage > :nth-child(4) {
grid-column: 3 / span 2;
grid-row: 2 / span 2;
Any browser that doesn’t meet the query requirements will use our flexbox fallbacks instead.
@supports not ((display: grid) and (grid-column-gap: 1%)) {
/* fabulously written CSS goes here */


Inclusive, from the start
Another major goal was to ensure that low-vision, screenreader and keyboard-only users could navigate the site with ease. While starting from a clean codebase, we were able to make many impactful improvements to color contrast, semantic HTML and keyboard accessibility with little additional effort. Additionally, we were able to work in some new features for a more accessible experience. We added a skip link before the navigation so that users could bypass the menu if desired. For a better screenreader experience, we added an aria-live region and helper functions to announce form errors and route changes. In addition, interactions are keyboard accessible with noticeable focus states. We also strived to use clear, descriptive alt text.
Looking Forward
There are always more wins to be had for better performance, maintainability and accessibility. We are refining our site telemetry to better understand where the bottlenecks lie and where we can make the most impact. We’re proud of the progress we have made; progress that will surely serve us well as we look to create a more pleasant experience for our customers around the world.
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2 days ago by sherbondy

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