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Slack's bait and switch
Slack, like so many others before them, pretend to care about interoperability, opening up just so slightly, so that they can lure in people with the promise of "openness", before eventually closing the gate once they've achieved sufficient size and lock-in.
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yesterday by Gwendoux
The Postgenomic Condition: Ethics, Justice, and Knowledge after the Genome, Reardon
In The Postgenomic Condition, Jenny Reardon critically examines the decade after the Human Genome Project, and the fundamental questions about meaning, value and justice this landmark achievement left in its wake. You can get 20% off the book using the code UCPNEW when ordering directly from uchicago press: <>
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2 days ago by datasociety
How I've Built a Profitable Slack Bot as a Side Project in Rails
How I've Built a Profitable Slack Bot as a Side Project in Rails
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2 days ago by e30chris
Revenge porn on Slack
I feel the company is not equipped to deal with this kind of trust and safety issue
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3 days ago by nelson
Notion – Docs, Wikis, Tasks. Seamlessly in one.
A unified & collaborative workspace for your notes, wikis, and tasks. Sign up for free. Works in the browser, on Mac, and Windows. The Programmer. The Product Manager. The Designer. With so many tools, it's hard to keep everyone on the same page. Docs. Wikis. Tasks. Notion is a new tool that unifies them all. Combined ...
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5 days ago by emzex

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