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Slash Commands | Slack
"When configuring your slash command, you'll find a toggle that enables this translation of channel names and user names into their correlated IDs. It's labeled: Escape channels, users, and links sent to your app.

After toggling this feature to "on", you'll find that the Bert's equivalent text parameter becomes:

text=<@U012ABCDEF|ernie> don't wake me up at night anymore in <#C012ABCDE|here>
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9 hours ago by earth2marsh
Scaling Slack’s Job Queue – Several People Are Coding
Slack uses a job queue system for business logic that is too time-consuming to run in the context of a web request. This system is a critical component of our architecture, used for every Slack…
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20 hours ago by sandipb
isitup-for-slack/isitup.php at master · mccreath/isitup-for-slack
isitup-for-slack - Custom slash command to use to check if a site is up from within Slack
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yesterday by lenards

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