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Bria SIP Softphone (Windows PC & Mac): Enterprise VoIP Software Client | CounterPath
VoIP and video calling, messaging and presence - all from your computer desktop with the award-winning Bria 5 softphone client.
bria  sip  softphone 
8 days ago by mysty
Confessions Of a VOIP Hacker - The Cisco Learning Network
Folks are looking for quicker ways to get the VOIP system to start paying for itself. VOIP savings are really like trying to justify the savings of being more secure. Oh sure we tech type folks know the real savings and true **** saving grace that security and in house managed VOIP provides. The problem is the Poindexter in Accounting doesn’t see it. Using the Internet as a trunk provider really provides some serious cash savings on the back end. The problem is many SIP/H323 trunks a...
voip  hacking  voice  pentest  sip 
10 days ago by whip_lash
SIPBroker - Login
SIP Broker is a free service that provides unlimited VoIP calls to millions of people around the world. No signup is necessary.
sip  voip 
6 weeks ago by mwishek
Twilio: Receiving SIP to Region - Stack Overflow
"I am trying to receive SIP calls to the ie1 region (...)
However (...)
> The region parameter is not supported when calling SIP registered endpoints, the parameter will be ignored if present. SIP-out traffic will always be sent from the Twilio region the SIP endpoint registered with.

Since we can only register SIP enpoints in us1 region, does this mean that this entire section is redundant? Are we unable to send SIP traffic via specific regions?"

"Twilio developer evangelist here.

SIP Registration is currently only supported in our US1 datacentre so that final line in the documentation about the region is accurate.

The region parameter here is useful if you are sending SIP to your own infrastructure that is hosted nearer to one of these regions, or if you are using Twilio SIP trunking in a different region."
twilio  voip  sip  setup 
8 weeks ago by eric.brechemier
TwiML™ Voice: <Sip> - Twilio
"Set a parameter on your SIP URI to specify what transport protocol you want to use. Currently, this is limited to UDP, TCP and TLS. By default, Twilio sends your SIP INVITE over UDP. (...)"
twilio  voip  sip  setup  security 
8 weeks ago by eric.brechemier
Making SIP Calls - Twilio
"NOTE: Twilio does not support SRTP on SIP Interface. SRTP is supported on Elastic SIP Trunking."
twilio  voip  sip  security 
8 weeks ago by eric.brechemier
Use SIP with Twilio Voice - Twilio - SIP Connection - Technical Specifications
"The following section summarizes the SIP capabilities offered by Twilio."
twilio  voip  sip  setup 
8 weeks ago by eric.brechemier
Sending SIP to Twilio - Twilio
"Twilio’s Programmable Voice SIP product enables you to use your existing SIP communications infrastructure (e.g. IP-PBX, SBC, etc) to initiate SIP sessions with Twilio and use TwiML and/or the REST APIs to create advanced voice applications. Twilio sits in the middle, enabling calls to be routed to your SIP communications infrastructure, PSTN, or to browsers and mobile apps. There are a few short steps to configure Twilio to interoperate with your infrastructure so you can start building and testing your voice app. (...)"
twilio  voip  sip  setup 
8 weeks ago by eric.brechemier
Receiving SIP from Twilio - Twilio
"Twilio’s Programmable Voice SIP product enables your advanced voice applications to initiate SIP sessions from the Twilio cloud towards your existing SIP communications infrastructure using TwiML and/or the REST APIs. (...)"
twilio  voip  sip  setup 
8 weeks ago by eric.brechemier
VoIP Overview
by Vladimír Toncar,

"The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP for short) is a Voice over IP protocol designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. SIP was created by the MMUSIC group of the IETF (MMUSIC stands for Multi-party Multimedia Session Control). Formally, the protocol is intended for creating, modifying and terminating sessions with one or more participants. The sessions are mainly VoIP telephone calls or conferences. (...)"
voip  sip  learning  reference 
8 weeks ago by eric.brechemier

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