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My 8-year-old, the computer prodigy - and why we moved him to Melbourne - CNA
Seth Yee knows three programming languages and thinks at the level of students more than twice his age. But he struggled with his behaviour and ...
genius  prodigy  education  singapore  programming 
3 days ago by hersh.verthun
Zilliqa takes one step towards mainstream adoption
The blockchain platform is securing some key partnerships to deploy its tech in mainstream use cases.
Zilliqa  blockchain  singapore 
5 days ago by JINYONG86
RT : For the first time in 9 years, the world's most competitive is not the U.S. or Hong Kong, but
economy  Singapore  from twitter
7 days ago by John-Dobbin
How to Have a High-End Vacation for Less - The New York Times
You want luxury, but you don’t want to overspend for it. Here’s how to save in five popular and pricey cities without feeling deprived. (No hostels involved.)
travel  hotels  restaurants  london  paris  sanfrancisco  singapore  sydney  2devon 
7 days ago by galletto
Just had a fantastic , , and convo with a contact in . I'm planning a visit t…
bigdata  IoT  Singapore  M2M  SmartCity  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by odajay

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