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The Problem with Simplicity | The On Being Project
So much of the simplicity I’ve yearned for amounts to submerging complex problems, questions, and consequences so that I don’t have to see them, so that someone else deals with them. When I conflate “simple” with “convenient,” I can easily fetishize simplicity and forget that the simple lifestyle our ancestors lived — and that billions still live — often involved labor.
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4 days ago by debcha
Light Phone 2 | Indiegogo
A simple 4G phone with e-ink, messaging & other essential tools—a phone that actually respects you. | Check out 'Light Phone 2' on Indiegogo.
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11 days ago by floehopper
The Cult of the Complex
"ALA’s Zeldman bemoans our industry’s fetish for the needlessly complicated over the straightforward."
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12 days ago by garrettc

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