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iteration - Numpy Root-Mean-Squared (RMS) smoothing of a signal - Stack Overflow
import numpy as np
def window_rms(a, window_size):
a2 = np.power(a,2)
window = np.ones(window_size)/float(window_size)
return np.sqrt(np.convolve(a2, window, 'valid'))
signal  signals  python 
3 days ago by tsangiotis
Facebook and Telegram Are Hoping to Succeed Where Bitcoin Failed - The New York Times
Even as cryptocurrency prices have plunged, several big tech companies are working on their own digital tokens for use in text messaging systems.
facebook  telegram  signal  cryptocurrency  paypal  venmo  whatsapp  eden_weingart 
19 days ago by mreinbold
Trapping signals in Docker containers – Grigorii Chudnov – Medium
There are essentially two commands: `docker stop` and `docker kill` that can be used to stop it. Behind the scenes, `docker stop` stops a running container by sending it SIGTERM signal, let the main…
python  docker  signal 
28 days ago by marmanold
Life and death of a container – DevOpsion – Medium
Docker containers are prepared to die at any time: you can stop, kill and destroy them quickly. And when you do it, all data created during its existence is wiped out by default. But, like Agent…
python  docker  signal 
28 days ago by marmanold
Docker features for handling Container’s death and resurrection | Sreenivas Makam's Blog
Docker containers provides an isolated sandbox for the containerized program to execute. One-shot containers accomplishes a particular task and stops. Long running containers runs for an indefinite period till it either gets stopped by the user or when the root process inside container crashes. It is necessary to gracefully handle container's death and to make…
python  docker  signal 
28 days ago by marmanold

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