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Kanda Shrine (also called "Kanda Myojin")was first built about 1,270 year ago at present Otemachi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo.It was moved to Kanda-dai at the beginning of the Edo era, in 1603 due to an expansion program of the Edo castle, and further changed it's location to the general site in 1616 Kanda Myojin shrine was much reved in old days by the warrior class of people. Especiall in the Edo peropd. the general Tokugawa paid high respect to this shrine,and later it proved to be the object of the general public.
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依代としての幣束・だいがく・屋台:折口信夫のまつり談義 - 続 壺 齋 閑 話



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january 2019 by incep
The sun burns down on the gate. Has it ever been as hot as this in , and for so long? 10 days now -…
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"This guide is aimed at helping Paperclip users transition to Shrine, and it consists of three parts:

- Explanation of the key differences in design between Paperclip and Shrine
- Instructions how to migrate and existing app that uses Paperclip to Shrine
- Extensive reference of Paperclip's interface with Shrine equivalents
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may 2018 by ebouchut
Fake presign for FileSystem? - Google グループ
The new recommended way is to use Minio, which is an open source Amazon S3 compatible app that you can run locally, and it stores data on disk. This allows you to continue using Shrine::Storage::S3 and the same JavaScript code, but without paying the network penalty. I wrote a short tutorial here.

Alternatively you can have your JavaScript cover both the S3 and the FileSystem case. This is the approach used in the demo app.
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march 2018 by junya

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