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USS Constitution - Wikipedia
USS Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides, is a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy named by President George Washington after the United States Constitution.
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Home - USS Constitution Museum
As the memory and educational voice of USS Constitution, the USS Constitution Museum preserves, displays, and interprets artifacts and archival material related to the Ship and her crew through interactive exhibitions, programs, and outreach initiatives.
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This singularity engine is a singular sensation | The Brothers Brick | The Brothers Brick
Even though the month-long LEGO ship-building challenge known as SHIPtember may be months behind us, epic models started in or inspired by this ultimate challenge are still showing up, and this late entry by Spencer Hubert really captured our attention. The name suggests that the primary weapon involves heavy gravity, and the ship’s many details combine to make this vessel both elegant and capable. One of my favorite details is the subtle angle built into the sides of the forward fuselage.
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11 days ago by jtyost2
Jamaica Inn (film) - Wikipedia
Nefarious inn gang causes shipwrecks to plunder cargo
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Spain logs hundreds of shipwrecks that tell story of maritime past | World news | The Guardian
2019-03-01, by Sam Jones,

"Weather rather than pirates caused majority of sinkings, says culture ministry team"

"(...) Led by an archaeologist, Carlos León, the team has logged 681 shipwrecks off Cuba, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the US Atlantic coast.

Its inventory runs from the sinking of the Santa María to July 1898, when the Spanish destroyer Plutón was hit by a US boat off Cuba, heralding the end of the Spanish-American war and the twilight of Spain’s imperial age.

After spending five years scouring archives in Seville and Madrid, León, his fellow archaeologist Beatriz Domingo and the naval historian Genoveva Enríquez have put together a list aimed at safeguarding the future and shedding light on the past. (...)

The team’s research will thrill historians and cartographers, but is unlikely to delight those who harbour romantic notions about doubloons, parrots and Jolly Rogers.

It found that 91.2% of ships were sunk by severe weather – mainly tropical storms and hurricanes – 4.3% ran on to reefs or had other navigational problems, and 1.4% were lost to naval engagements with British, Dutch or US ships. A mere 0.8% were sunk in pirate attacks. (...)"
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Carpathia, Titanic's aid
Story of how the Carpathia came to the Titanic's aid
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Les fils de J. George - Bois et placages
Depuis quatre générations, notre société est spécialisée dans la production de bois de placage les plus rares et les plus précieux. Nous possédons un stock de plus de 170 essences. Par exemple : Palissandres, amourette, ébènes, de nombreux types de loupes et de ronces, tant en placages sciés et tranchés qu'en massif.
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Bouilloire 750ml WAECO 12V - 200 W -750 ml
Bouilloire 750ml WAECO 12V - 200 W -750 ml
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Applications - Suber-Spray Liège Projeté | Isolant haute performance pour Batiment, Nautisme, Industrie
Le liège projeté est un isolant mince (≥ à 2 mm selon votre besoin) ; appelé rupteur de ponts thermiques : c’est un régulateur de température du fond avec au besoin une finition teinté (50 couleurs disponibles).
"La solution la plus efficace pour isoler consiste à utiliser un système permettant de couvrir le plus simplement possible l’ensemble des surfaces sans aucune interruption"
Ses principaux avantages : il élimine la condensation dans l’habitacle (plus d’humidité à bord), régule l’effet de paroi (corrige de l’effet de chaud ou de froid) et améliore considérablement la température ressentie à l’intérieur.
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