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The difference between .bashrc, .bash_profile, and .environment | Stack Overflow
The individual per-interactive-shell startup file
-- thus applicable to '$screen'
Computers  Linux  bash  cli  configure  shell  shells 
2 days ago by themanjay
ohmyzsh/plugins/globalias at master · ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh
Seems like just a few zle calls to get a nice "expand aliases when you hit space after them" behavior
to-evaluate  zsh  shells  linux  unix 
19 days ago by bitprophet
GitHub - jlevy/the-art-of-command-line: Master the command line, in one page
Fluency on the command line is a skill often neglected or considered arcane, but it improves your flexibility and productivity as an engineer in both obvious and subtle ways. This is a selection of notes and tips on using the command-line that we've found useful when working on Linux. Some tips are elementary, and some are fairly specific, sophisticated, or obscure. This page is not long, but if you can use and recall all the items here, you know a lot.

This work is the result of many authors and translators. Some of this originally appeared on Quora, but it has since moved to GitHub, where people more talented than the original author have made numerous improvements. Please submit a question if you have a question related to the command line. Please contribute if you see an error or something that could be better!
sysadmin  shells  commandline 
28 days ago by unclespeedo
GitHub - nushell/nushell: A modern shell written in Rust
A modern shell written in Rust. Contribute to nushell/nushell development by creating an account on GitHub.
rust  shells 
8 weeks ago by gzfrancisco
Elvish Shell
Recco from Daniel Lindsley
to-evaluate  cli  shells 
11 weeks ago by bitprophet
jorgebucaran/fish-cookbook: Tips and recipes for fish, from shell to plate.
Tips and recipes for fish, from shell to plate. Contribute to jorgebucaran/fish-cookbook development by creating an account on GitHub.
fish  cookbook  shells  github 
november 2019 by rbrenner

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