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Free Cloud Shell!
So apparently google provides you with a free debian 7 VM with 5GB persistent home directory (though if you disconnect any apps temporarily installed get blown away if not in $home) if you have a valid gmail account. Not quite raining shells but...
google  cloud  VM  debian  shell  account  security  hacking  pentesting 
5 hours ago by asteroza
Success with Aboriginal, Alpine, and Debian
OSH (Oil Shell) is a fascinating, well documented project. Reminds me of PyPy, it's a crazy project to re-implement shell from scratch in a much cleaner manner.
oil  shell  osh  bash  dash  unix  linux 
23 hours ago by micktwomey
ShellCheck – shell script analysis tool
finds bugs in your shell scripts.
You can cabal, apt-get, yum or brew install it locally right now.
shell  programming  testing 
yesterday by mandarine

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