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Phlegm - Mausoleum of the Giants
Taking over the architecture with his murals and changing the entire field of view with his visuals, he has produced an incredible, immersive sculptural installation. Massive sculptures occupy halls, corridors and rooms of an abandoned factory with their cumbersome bodies.

Wed 20th March – Sat 6th April
Weds 12pm-6pm
Thurs 12pm-8pm (Thurs 4th April 12pm-5pm)
Fri 12pm-6pm (Fri 5th April 12pm-8pm)
Sat 11am-6pm
Sun 11am-5pm
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4 weeks ago by robertocarroll
"Mi Amigo" memorial - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the "Mi Amigo" memorial in Sheffield, and the flypast there today. #TonyGotAFlypast #TonysFlypast #RememberTheTen #turnupfortony #sheffieldflypast
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8 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Sheffield lunch by relevance
Explore best places to eat lunch in Sheffield and nearby. Compare reviews of restaurants for your lunch break.
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9 weeks ago by gfarnell
RT : Come and join us in the office. We're a small, friendly and experienced international team. We love our…
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january 2019 by freerange_inc

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