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Scent of Extinct Maui Mountain Hibiscus Revived by Science
A project with @harvardherbaria to bring back the scent of an extinct hibiscus plant using a sample in its archive. Visual, Audio, and 3D we're starting to figure out. But how does one digitize and preserve smell, touch, taste? #digitization #musetech #archives
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yesterday by davidnunez
Artists Covertly Scan Bust of Nefertiti and... - we are Rogue
Last October, 2 artists committed a digital "heist" by covertly 3d scanning and replicating an artifact. I believe in the next 5 years, we'll have super high-res 3d scanners on our cell phones.Trying to wrap my head around the implications of this... #musetech #digitization
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yesterday by davidnunez
Two internet entrepreneurs walk into an old publishing house | Dries Buytaert
What's not to love about this? New meets old. Founders of Drupal and Wordpress visiting a printing press.
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yesterday by davidnunez
"77% of Gen-Z + Millennials would prefer to attend an event experience over a hang out at home with their friends." There's some heartening stuff in this report. There seems to be a desire for some depth in experientials. i.e. people are starting to see through shallow "instagrammable" moments. #experiential #musesocial
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yesterday by davidnunez
Digitized images of works in the public domain: what rights vest in them? Analysis of the recent BGH Reiss-Engelhorn judgment - Part 1
My eyes tend to glaze over at stuff like this (and it's not my job at MIT, thank goodness...), but I think it's probably worth keeping at least cursory tabs on copyright, public domain, and #digitization. (the link refers to German law)
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yesterday by davidnunez
The advanced business voice application
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2 days ago by kpieper876
The Great Divide in How Americans Commute to Work
Maps showing American commuting habits. In Somerville/Cambridge/Boston, I mostly bus+train to work (where I read and queue up tweets) in 30 minutes or bike in 25. Half hour is at the boundary of what I find acceptable. My prior job involved a weekly 4 hour BOS-NYC roundtrip. #commuting
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2 days ago by davidnunez
Accounting machines, the IBM 1403, and why printers standardized on 132 columns
An essay on historical and cultural reasons why early printers tended to standardize on 132 columns. Think of all the source code and other artwork whose form was dictated by this constraint. In what ways did that constrain the creative act? #computerhistory #sourcecodepoetry
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2 days ago by davidnunez
VR Screen Shake - The art of not throwing up — Zulubo Productions
I love to read about #ux nuances that increase the immersion and engagement of users. #virtualreality
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2 days ago by davidnunez
I have a vision for a toolbox that exhibition designers can use to rapidly and inexpensively prototype digital+physical systems. We're halfway there with a Cinder + XML based experience + content management system we built with @morphogencc. Now we need to make the user tools like this one. #musetech
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2 days ago by davidnunez
U.S. Navy swapping $38,000 periscope joysticks for $30 Xbox controllers on high-tech submarines
Check out these user interfaces on Navy submarines! They use Xbox controllers since that's what the sailors are used to using! also the flat touch tables #ux #ui
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2 days ago by davidnunez
Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says
Ooft “Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building”. Uranium stored in drums in museum collections building makes me think twice about wandering through our warehouse
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4 days ago by davidnunez
Galleries From A to Z Sued Over Websites the Blind Can’t Use - The New York Times
Really important to track if you're building digital / online experiences #musetech . Bare minimum accessibility is low-hanging fruit. We're working hard on this right now at our museum, but have a ways to go.
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4 days ago by davidnunez
The official fast food French fry power rankings - Los Angeles Times
I'd advocate McDonald's as the clear winner. And I'm applauding the correct low ranking of the Emperor's New Clothes laughingly refered to as In-N-Out "Burger." Obviously missing Whataburger. Though their fries hold their own I think McD's still edges them out.
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4 days ago by davidnunez
Books: Bits vs. Atoms
older article re: digital v physical books by @codinghorror In 2019 can any of the problems he had with physical books could also be seen as virtue? (and not just because of a "hipster wants everything to be more difficult" attitude) Books as artifact etc.
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4 days ago by davidnunez
A Proportional Visualization of the World's Most Popular Languages | Open Culture
Proportional visualization of most popular languages spoken around the world. (23 out of the ~6700 known languages alive in the world today)
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4 days ago by davidnunez
Fine Wordclocks
In the "interesting display" category, here's an interesting "wordclock"
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4 days ago by davidnunez
How Do We Conserve and Restore Computer-Based Art in a Changing Technological Environment?
NYU and Guggenheim collaborating on ways to conserve computer-based art #digitalpreservation #musetech
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4 days ago by davidnunez
To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet
On the effort to digitally preserve the sounds of Stradivarius instruments #digitalpreservation
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4 days ago by davidnunez

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