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The State of Recruiting Technology in 2019 — A Year of Consolidation, Growth & Innovation
"Oracle and IBM, in particular, are hemorrhaging market share (see above) and customers are now demanding that their core recruiting platforms do more than just process applicants. They must also become global marketing platforms that engage their audience (i.e. candidates), drive corporate initiatives such as diversity and inclusion, and support career and pay progression."
"Oracle  and  IBM  in  particular  are  hemorrhaging  market  share  (see  above)  customers  now  demanding  that  their  core  recruiting  platforms  do  more  than  just  process  applicants.  They  must  also  become  global  marketing  engage  audience  (i.e.  candidates)  drive  corporate  initiatives  such  as  diversity  inclusion  support  career  pay  progression.featured  posts  technology  software  hr  hrtech  recruiting-technology  venture  capital 
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Admissions Scandal Shows Elite Schools' Self-Importance - The Atlantic
A think piece from a Yale professor refocusing on what the point of universities are, although the bit at the end about not being ashamed of admitting wealthy donors kids for their money is never going to fly.
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