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نائب رئيس الوزراء العراقي السابق السيد بهاء الأعرجي - حوار خاص - الحلقة ٤ - YouTube
Baha Aaraji, July 8 1:30 accuses DPM for Energy Shahrestani of trying to award Mosul dam contract to a specific company to get kickbacks; 10:00 says investigation into him by "brothers in najaf" was "harsh, not like sayyid Sadr wanted"; 19:30 says cannot ever abandon Sadrist Current, could form a new party if ordered to do so by Sayyid Muqtada, but not in opposition to him; 21:45 interviewer claims 17 billion ($ or IQD?) in possession of Sadrist economic committee; Baha: if we had such sums, Muqtada wouldn't have reduced the pensions of martyrs' survivors, we do have an economic committee, but yes, economic committee may provide tashilat to some companies; 26;20 says "maku ihtijaz" at Sadr's committee, but questioning sometimes takes days, and the questioned person is not allowed to leave; 29:00 interviewer says he saw Sadrist clerics distributing land to people in 2003/04, says Sadrists prevent land from being taken back by state; Baha claims no knowledge; 44:30 says he was targeted because he tried to interfere with Iran gas contract; 47:00 condemns oil contracting licenses, says companies that had advisory role later won contracts; 54:00 says government may have trouble paying salaries next month (august) due to low oil prices; 55:30 blames US for letting ISIS run wild in Iraq and Syria, says their goal is to finish off extremists from all over the world
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Parliament's report on the protests by university students in Muthanna, March 2016
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الشهرستاني يوجه بتمليك مجمع الصباح لشاغليه
اهالي مجمع الصباح السكني في منطقة الحرية ببغداد، واستمع الشهرستاني
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