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What Ivanka Trump’s new initiative overlooks about women’s empowerment By Winnie Byanyima
Women, meanwhile, disproportionately make up the world’s insecure and
poorly paid jobs. Ninety-five percent of women in South Asia and 89 percent
of women in my own home of sub-Saharan Africa are in informal employment
To truly deliver for women in poverty, the Women’s Global Development and
Prosperity Initiative must do more than invest in short-term solutions. It
must  challenge  this  deeply  sexist  and  unequal  economic  model. 
11 weeks ago by gitteheij
RT : Recently, a at a grp dinner made a joke. I didn't laugh.

He pointed at me & called me out o…
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november 2018 by rossgrady
I can't believe honest people still turn their hard-earned money over to this charlatan 🙄
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september 2018 by andriak
“Your jokes are so clever, hilarious, brilliant, witty. I’m going to tell them to my lawyer.” messages post…
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june 2018 by amerberg
Since still has their meeting planned and their idiotic about it up I am going to…
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february 2018 by tweetotaler

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