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Carol Black on Twitter: "FYI: Dr. Chester M. Pierce, who coined the term "microaggression," also coined the term "childism:" HT @TobyRollo #Childism…"

Dr. Chester M. Pierce, who coined the term "microaggression," also coined the term "childism:" HT @TobyRollo #Childism
"We contend that childism is the basic form of oppression in our society and underlies all alienation and violence, for it teaches everyone how to be an oppressor and makes them focus on the exercise of raw power rather than on volitional humaneness...

"Like its derivatives, sexism and racism, it is found in virtually everyone. Modification of childist practices would alter other oppressive systems that retard the development of humankind to its full potential."


2. "In childism, the child-victim is put on the defensive. He is expected to accommodate himself to the adult-aggressor, and is hardly ever permitted to initiate action or control a situation."

3. "The vehicle for most adult action is microaggression; the child is not rendered a gross brutalization, but is treated in such a way as to lower his self-esteem, dignity, and worthiness by means of subtle, cumulative, and unceasing adult deprecation."

4. "As a result of this constant barrage of micro-aggression, the child remains on the defensive, mobilizing constantly to conform and perform. This incessant mobilization is not without cost, psychologically and probably physiologically."

5. "These children have not been physically assaulted. They have, however, been subjected to a number of pejorative acts; the posture, gestures, tone of voice... were an abuse that indicates their inferiority, for no other reason than their social attribute of childhood."

6. "If such abuse were an isolated occurrence, it could be ignored. Yet in all probability these youngsters receive the same gratuitously abusive behavior many times a day from "loving parents," "devoted teachers," "kindly physicians," "concerned policemen..."

7. "This places the child in circumstances that bring about serious, protracted... stress... It has a cumulative effect that may exert a powerful influence on his adult behavior, just as sexist or racist practices affect the entire future of women or members of a minority group."

8. "Children remain the most oppressed group... The more we understand the oppression of children, the more we understand oppression of any individual or group. With a more informed understanding of this process, many traditional dominance patterns could be modified."

~ Chester M. Pierce, MD, former Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Education at Harvard University, and Gail B. Allen, MD. "
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yesterday by robertogreco
Dude Process - Lawyers, Guns & Money
It’s a violation of dude process. That is the process that a dude gets when he is Just Asking Questions and some killjoy chick starts bugging him. Under dude process procedure the dude processes the criticism, decides it is wrong, and goes about his life remaining powerful and wealthy and care free. Dude process is connected to quid pro bro, which is an exchange of favors between two brosephs in positions of power who watch each other’s backs and take care of each other’a secrets.

Dude process protections are under threat from #metoo, which is one of the reasons that movement is unconstitutional.

Dude diligence is the amount of dilligence you do when you have sworn an oath of service and are looking into the background of a dude who might become one of the most powerful people in the country.

“Should we investigate Kavanaugh’s debt or what these emails that talk about secrets that must be hidden from spouses mean?”

“No. We don’t need to look into stuff. We’re just doing dude dilligence in him. Just putting on enough of a show to claim he was vetted.”

Sometimes the application of dude dilligence to a person can qualify as quid pro bro, and being investigated according to the standards of dude dilligence is definitely a dude process right for rich white guys.
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3 days ago by jesse_the_k
Dear dads: Your daughters told me about their assaults. This is why they never told you. - The Washington Post
Girls fear their fathers' reactions - overblown, causing more issues, not listening, endangering the whole family.
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5 days ago by emmacarlson
Opinion | What Civil Rights History Can Teach Kavanaugh’s Critics - The New York Times
All of these men and women were on the side of justice and lost. None of these people, who fought for full and equal public access as free citizens on trains and streetcars, stopped fighting. None abandoned what they knew was right. They all tried again. Most would not live to see things made right, but they continued.

Those who see Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a lost battle in the larger war for gender equality and dignity for women — and sexual assault survivors, specifically — should emulate the activists of generations past. They should keep organizing, connect with like-minded people, volunteer for organizations that advocate for survivors, consider running for office, and work on the campaigns of those they believe in. A week after his confirmation, a reminder is in order: Movements are about more than moments; they are about thoughtful networks of dissent built over time.

My scholarship has taught me that activism requires a certain resilience, and the willingness to be long-suffering in pursuit of the cause. I hope people remember this. I hope they keep going.
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5 days ago by emmacarlson
MeToo backlash: Will 2019 be the Year of Men? — Quartz
“Men are borrowing the rhetoric of the structurally oppressed,” she writes, “and delivering it with a rage that is denied to all but the most powerful.”

In other words, powerful men are coopting the unassailable position of victim and advancing it with the brutality of oppressors. When women accuse men of sexual misconduct, the accused and their allies rewrite the narrative. They create a scenario in which they have been wronged by a hysterical culture, and in which their accusers are either malicious or hopelessly befuddled.
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5 days ago by emmacarlson
Large Majorities Dislike Political Correctness - The Atlantic
Youth isn’t a good proxy for support of political correctness, and race isn’t either.
On social media, the country seems to divide into two neat camps: Call them the woke and the resentful. Team Resentment is manned—pun very much intended—by people who are predominantly old and almost exclusively white. Team Woke is young, likely to be female, and predominantly black, brown, or Asian (though white “allies” do their dutiful part). These teams are roughly equal in number, and they disagree most vehemently, as well as most routinely, about the catchall known as political correctness.
Reality is nothing like this. As scholars Stephen Hawkins, Daniel Yudkin, Miriam Juan-Torres, and Tim Dixon argue in a report published Wednesday, “Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape,” most Americans don’t fit into either of these camps. They also share more common ground than the daily fights on social media might suggest—including a general aversion to PC culture.
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5 days ago by rgl7194
Riot Games' ongoing garbage
LA Times update on a company culture rife with nepotism and sexism
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6 days ago by nelson
Opinion | Two Cheers for Feminism! - The New York Times - David Brooks
In other words, as the editors of the anthology put it, the culture teaches girls not to talk and boys not to feel. Girls begin to say, “I don’t know.” Boys say, “I don’t care.”
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6 days ago by emmacarlson

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