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Sex Workers Explain Why the House's Online Sex-Trafficking Bill Is Bulls**t
“When you take away a worker’s available options, they have to drop down to the next-best available option. ..."
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march 2018 by UnchartedWorlds
Proposed Federal Trafficking Legislation Has Surprising Opponents: Advocates Who Work With…
Megan Mattimoe, executive director and staff attorney at Advocating Opportunity, which assisted 150 victims of trafficking this past year, says she has seen Backpage provide information about trafficking victims captured in ads along with data on advertisers to aid in prosecutions. “In our cases,” she says, “Backpage not only complied with prosecutors’ requests, but they would also send someone to trial to testify that those business records were authentic.” Since Backpage closed its adult advertising section in January 2017, Mattimoe says, her organization has seen “victims advertised on sites housed outside the U.S.,” where federal prosecutors have neither subpoena power nor Backpage’s cooperation.
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january 2018 by UnchartedWorlds

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