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BBC - Earth - We have the wrong idea about males, females and sex
As further evidence, Tang-Martinez points out that female lionesses may mate 100 times a day with a string of different partners. The same seemingly-indiscriminate lust can be seen in many species of primates: not just the famously sexually-active bonobos, but langurs, lemurs and capuchin monkeys. That's not to mention countless studies of beetles, crickets, salamanders, snakes, geckos and house mice.

According to a 1988 study, between 10 to 20% of female bears have a penis-like structure in place of a vagina. "An intersex female bear actually mates and gives birth through the tip of her 'penis'," says Roughgarden.

There is also a growing list of species that engage in homosexual behaviours -
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VR Sex with Real People soon to be a reality with CamSoda
Sex sells, at least it has always been a driving market force, and Virtual Reality is no different. Naughty America has already started the trend for VR porn. Now, just like gaming, the next step for “experiences” is what kind of controls you have. CamSoda, an adult entertainment webcam company, is launching a first of...

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Hooking up on campus: Sexual double standards may leave students feeling disempowered
On the one hand, college hookup culture allows women to explore their sexuality in ways that previous generations of women could not. On the other hand, it is a deeply gendered custom that can enhance a man’s reputation and damage a woman’s.
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2 days ago by kbrobeck
Презервативы LELO HEX
Якобы и тонкий, и прочный. Вроде еще собирает деньги
3 days ago by yurapekov
Which Exercises Should You Do For Better Sex?
You know how pro athletes train long and hard to stay at the top of their game? It’s the same way with sex, and if you’re wanting to maintain professional levels of pleasure for yourself and your partner, you’ve got to get your grind on at the gym and focus on the areas of your body that are
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3 days ago by odelano
At The Wood's Boldness
Cthonical (Nellie) - Genos/Saitama, E --- 1,315

Genos has never regretted what he is, not once, but lately it’s been easy to let himself wonder what certain things might be like if he was still human enough to feel them, to do them, for real.
ao3  one-punch-man  saitama/genos  *e  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  sex  bj 
3 days ago by we.are.golden
Almost Accidentally
torigates - Marner/Strome, E --- 4,035

He rolled onto his side and fished for his phone under the covers where he'd thrown it earlier. There were two notifications; one from Snapchat, and the text that had woken him.

They were both from Dylan.

ao3  hockey  marner/strome  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  dick-pics  first  sex 
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003 Platinum | Okamoto Singapore
Вроде хвалят, можно попробовать
4 days ago by yurapekov
Helping Hands
BonesOfBirdWings - Tsukushi/everyone, Kazama/Tsukushi, E --- 4,950

Tsukushi goes into heat at the end of practice. What sort of team would they be if they didn't help him out?
ao3  days  kazama/tsukushi  tsukushi/everyone  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  a/b/o  sex  heat  knotting 
4 days ago by we.are.golden
24 Ways You've Misunderstood Sex Your Whole Life
Gonna hold some reservations on the withdraw one (called Irish Roulette when I was a kid :-P) but the rest are gold.
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4 days ago by browneyedgirl65

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