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Ontario’s sex-ed backlash isn’t about children’s safety | Debra Soh | The Globe and Mail
But the level of outrage in response to Ms. Thompson’s announcement is not commensurate to the decision made. As a former academic sex researcher, I can tell you that Canadians – as open-minded and reasonable as we are – could still afford to be more sex-positive. I have a hard time believing that families are really that distraught over the fact that their children’s sex-ed lesson plans are going to be less intensive. Ontario’s government is not doing away with sex-ed altogether.

The backlash is emblematic of a disdain for those who lean right politically, and a desire to rally against Mr. Ford for the sake of political divisiveness. This is evident in the number of media outlets and individuals on social media, angrily pointing the finger at social conservatives. It brings us to the question of who gets to dictate how a child is raised – should it be the responsibility of the parent or the state? Sexual education cannot be blindly outsourced to the education system. As uncomfortable as it may be, parents must be savvy about the issues their kids are contending with in 2018.

Even if an ideal, fact-based, comprehensive sex-ed curriculum was being implemented, whether intentionally or not, parents still shape a child’s views. When children are able to have open conversations about sex with their parents, this leads them to make better decisions regarding their sexual health. It also sends a wider, crucial message that talking about human sexuality is both acceptable and necessary for our well-being.
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Postorgasmic illness syndrome - Wikipedia
> Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) is a syndrome in which men have chronic physical and cognitive symptoms immediately following ejaculation in the absence of a local genital reaction.[1] The symptoms last for up to a week.[1] The cause and prevalence are unknown;[2] it is considered a rare disease.[3]
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A Fight for Men’s Rights, in California Courts
it's a difficult area since there can be these strong, good, generalizable ethical principles (on both sides) that when applied in practice produce undesirable outcomes in many contexts; minefield of difficult judgments
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Your Default Brain Is Female – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Hippocampal volume shrinks without prenatal testosterone. This is why men, on average, have larger hippocampi than women — genetic females don’t produce enough to keep it as large. This difference is often used to help explain the disparity in male and female spatial reasoning.

The locus coeruleus, in contrast, thrives in genetic females. This is why women, on average, have larger loci coerulei than men. It also helps explain why men suffer a higher percentage of stupidity-induced deaths from things like accidental injuries and violence: their stress responses are defunct, so they’re less intimidated by reckless and stupid things.
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Sex Begins in the Womb - Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health - NCBI Bookshelf
3Sex Begins in the Womb
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Sex differences of importance to health and human disease occur throughout the life span, although the specific expression of these differences varies at different stages of life. Some differences originate in events occurring in the intrauterine environment, where developmental processes differentially organize tissues for later activation in the male or female. In the prenatal period, sex determination and differentiation occur in a series of sequential processes governed by genetic and environmental factors. During the pubertal period, behavioral and hormonal changes manifest the secondary sexual characteristics that reinforce the sexual identity of the individual through adolescence and into adulthood. Hormonal events occurring in puberty lay a framework for biological differences that persist through life and that contribute to variable onset and progression of disease in males and females. It is important to study sex differences at all stages of the life cycle, relying on animal models of disease and including sex as a variable in basic and clinical research designs.
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We Were Kings - lforevermore - Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF [Archive of Our Own]
King Michael catches a thief in their castle one night, so King Geoff gives the boy an ultimatum - one year of sexual servitude, or prison.

Gavin has his own secrets, though, and eventually, the kings and the thief fall into something that none of them will ever escape.


Basically, an excuse for me to write everyone fucking Gavin.
fandom:Roosterteeth  AU  rating:nc-17  OT6  sex  angst  Immortal_au  Words:20000-40000  bdsm  Royalty  secret_identity  let's_play_au  minecraft_au  dubcon 
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