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Sex Shops and Swingers Clubs: How the A1 Became Britain's Dirtiest Road | Matt Blake
Head up the A1 and you'll notice sex-based businesses everywhere. We called in at each one to work out why the old Great North Road has become such a popular spot for sexy stuff.
24th  august  2016  matt  blake  vice  sex 
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Emotional Affairs are not the real problem
Candidly - You and your partner need to agree on what is cheating.
relationships  sex 
2 days ago by jflorablack
The “Testosterone Trials” — A Closer Look at Sexual Outcomes - NEJM Journal Watch
> Testosterone therapy increased median levels of total testosterone (from 227 ng/dL to 483 ng/dL), free testosterone (from 62 pg/mL to 145 pg/mL) and estradiol (from 20 pg/mL to 31 pg/mL). The extent of change in testosterone and estradiol levels correlated with extent of improvement in sexual activity and desire but not with erectile function.
testosterone  sex  2016  RCT 
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