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An 18th century guide to sex positions | Dangerous Minds
"Mr. and Mrs. Satyr going for the full frontal missionary position." and other
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2 days ago by pmigdal
10k impressions??? Note to self: tweet about and more often!
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2 days ago by noahsussman
Zimbabwe: NGO Says Hwange Women Using Colliery Mine Waste As Sexual Stimulant -
A MINING rights lobby NGO says Hwange Colliery is exposing local women to serious health risks by dumping toxic acid whose chaff they (women) are applying to their bodies to arouse sexual pleasure.
doom  sex  mining  coal  toxics 
3 days ago by ignatz
Mädchen halten Sex schon für gut, wenn sie dabei keine Schmerzen empfinden ›
Junge Mädchen messen ihre eigene sexuelle Zufriedenheit an der ihres Partners, an der Nähe zu ihrem Partner und der Abwesenheit von ...
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3 days ago by anne_joan
Inside the 'Tinderization' of today's NBA
"Various apps have done for sex in the NBA what Amazon has done for books. One no longer needs to leave home to find a party. The party now comes to you. And lifestyle judgments aside, the NBA road life is simply more efficient -- and less taxing -- when there aren't open hours spent trolling clubs. 'It's absolutely true that you get at least two hours more sleep getting laid on the road today versus 15 years ago,' says one former All-Star, who adds that players actually prefer Instagram to Tinder when away from home. 'No schmoozing. No going out to the club. No having to get something to eat after the club but before the hotel.'"
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4 days ago by bankbryan

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