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The Problem with Panic
"Sexual misconduct, affirmative consent, and the dangers of shame and moralism." A very interesting and thoughtful piece on the current cultural shift regarding sexuality, assault, and accountability.
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9 hours ago by djwudi
Porn Star Stormy Daniels to In Touch: Trump Said I Was “Just Like His Daughter”
Trump, one figures, was talking about Ivanka Trump, who was 24 at the time. (His other daughter, Tiffany, would have been 11.) Our now president reportedly comparing a woman he was allegedly sleeping with to Ivanka is just another creepy addition to his long history of going out of his way to sexualize his daughter. Infamously, during a 2006 appearance on The View, Trump complimented his daughter’s body and told the panel, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” Stormy Daniels and Trump may have only had a fling, but he paid her just about the highest compliment he knows.
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13 hours ago by jellis
Emotional and Physical Satisfaction in Noncohabiting, Cohabiting, and Marital Relationships: The Importance of Jealous Conflict
This article examines whether associations between marital status and emotional and physical satisfaction depend on jealous conflict associated with expectations about sexual exclusivity. Using data from a representative sample of 681 women and men drawn from the city of Chicago and its inner suburbs, this study estimated logistic regression models of jealous conflict and ordered logistic regression models of adults' reported emotional and physical satisfaction of their relationships. The results show that marriages are less exposed to jealous conflict than cohabiting and noncohabiting relationships. Regarding emotional and physical satisfaction, their associations with marital status were contingent upon whether individuals reported jealous conflict in their relationships. Specifically, in relationships without jealous conflict, married couples were more emotionally satisfied than noncohabiting couples. Married couples, but not cohabiting and noncohabiting couples, had significantly lower emotional and physical satisfaction when jealous conflict occurred. Cohabitors were not less emotionally or physically satisfied than married respondents. Overall, this research supports the argument that sexual exclusivity expectations are important for understanding the link between marital status and relationship quality.
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16 hours ago by kmclel1
Weinstein, Hefner and the Poor Excuse That Explains a Lot - The New York Times
Porn, endless entitlement, pervasive sexism and objectification. A long climb since and still ahead....
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yesterday by emmacarlson
Bad Girls: On Being the Accused | Bully Bloggers
The answer to rape culture is not, and can never be, liability culture.
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yesterday by objectA

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