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Post-coital dysphoria: Why it is normal to sometimes feel miserable after sex | The Independent
TIL post-coital dysphoria is A Thing, even after sex that was satisfactory and consensual:
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SuggestiveScribe - Yuuri/Victor, E, shibari --- 8,118

Viktor leaned forward, breath whispering just behind the shell of Yuuri’s ear, “If my Yuuri wanted me to submit, I would be elated to experience submission.”
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Neanderthals Were People, Too
"Paabo now recommends against imagining separate species of human evolution altogether: not an Us and a Them, but one enormous “metapopulation” composed of shifting clusters of essentially human-ish things that periodically coincided in time and space and, when they happened to bump into one another, occasionally had sex."
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Oh, they were looking for their Missing Piece – spottedtoad
Assuming that the value of an offspring’s trait are determined by averaging the value of both parents and then adding some random error due to mutation or developmental noise, the ideal mate for each individual in the population isn’t the one that is closest to the ideal value, but one that is “complementary”- ie, equally distant from the ideal value, but from the opposite side.
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Not an inch of you I didn't cling to
Farasha - Yuuri/Victor, E --- 6,828

Yuuri returns to Hasetsu after the Rostelecom Cup, and Victor is there waiting to take care of him. They discover some things about what they like along the way.
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“Being Slutty Made Me More Empathetic” by
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(15) POSTURAS PARA UN BUEN SEXO.. Kamasutra on Pinterest
Explore ENTRE CIELO Y TIERRA NO HAY NADA OCULTO's board "POSTURAS PARA UN BUEN SEXO.. Kamasutra" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas.
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