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WALSH: Please Don't Act Shocked And Appalled By Harvey Weinstein If You Celebrated Hugh Hefner | Daily Wire
Now, I'll be told that one important word separates and distinguishes the acceptable from the unacceptable in the examples listed above: consent. But how so? Even consent is defined haphazardly. Are we supposed to believe that Hefner's concubines had orgies with him because they found his decaying husk irresistible? Are we supposed to believe that the playmates in the magazine had true feelings of joy and personal fulfillment in becoming masturbatory material for millions of lonely men? If so, then I suppose we have to believe that the young Hollywood starlets gave Weinstein naked massages because they were really into it. And if the 19-year-old blonde "consented" to prostituting herself for Hefner, then we must in that case believe that the actresses who slept with Weinstein for film roles did the same.
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2 days ago by Jswindle
Future of Sex: How Close Are Robotic Love Dolls? - Rolling Stone
Lifelike sex dolls have been available for years – but an AI head attachment could finally give lonely singles the companionship they need
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2 days ago by jorgebarba
As Weiner Enters Jail, Outlines of Anti-Clinton Scheme Emerge - WhoWhatWhy
New Revelations on the Sex Scandal That Helped Trump Win
Today, Anthony Weiner enters a federal prison hospital in Massachusetts to begin serving a 21-month sentence for his online relationship with an underage girl. He’ll be in an intensive counseling and treatment program.
On its face, the final act of Weiner’s protracted and ugly fall seems straightforward — a sordid tale of a self-destructive middle-aged politician’s exploitative cyber-relationship with a minor. And, make no mistake, that is much of the story.
But close scrutiny reveals far more to it than meets the eye.
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3 days ago by rgl7194

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