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The untold origin story of eBay that I lived, and the times that could have killed it - Cake
Why General Magic attracted fascinating people // also this quote: "In the small world department, both our companies were growing fast and we needed industrial-strength Internet. So we both rented space at Best Internet, where they had chicken-wire cages for our servers. We brought our own padlocks for the latches and set our servers on the concrete floor. The first three cages were filled with AuctionWeb’s Sun server on the right, Fatbrain’s in the middle, and one from a startup called Hotmail on the left. We saw each other when our servers needed work, which was often."
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15 days ago by danhon
Server-side Swift: Making Canopy (5/6) – Max Howell – Medium
This one is all about implementing APNS. At first, he used Perfect’s notification support but found it to be somewhat buggy, so he ended up dropping a level deeper and just implementing low-level notification handling himself. However, he ends up concluding that "if you need APNS, pick Vapor"
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15 days ago by irace
Server-side Swift: Making Canopy (4/6) – Max Howell – Medium
Max walks us through adding HTTPS support to his server. The web application framework that he used (Perfect) supports HTTPS, but he still needed to generate and set up his own private key, as well as set up a cron job to renew it.

Max also configures his Ubuntu instance to:

- Restart his server in the event that it crashes
- Write to (rotating) log files
- Handle shutdowns cleanly (wait for existing connections to complete)
- Create and save incremental snapshots to S3

Max chose SQLite because it runs in-process. This means you can’t easily run it on a separate machine, which will be a good problem to have if and when he needs to scale. While Perfect (and other frameworks e.g. Vapor) all provide database abstraction layers, he chose close-to-the-metal SQL because it had been a while since he did this sort of work (but admits that he wishes he used a higher-level abstraction instead).
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15 days ago by irace
Server-side Swift: Making Canopy (3/6) – Max Howell – Medium
Max hosted his Swift Canopy server on AWS due to its ubiquity.

- Used Elastic IP (free) allows him to change AWS instance types without changing his IP address (play around with different capabilities and price).
- Didn’t use Docker since that’d be one more thing to learn
- During development, rsync your local source (where you’re running a local server instance) to your server and then have it built and run there
- In production, Max recommends run your binary *without* specifically having Swift installed on the production machine (I'm not 100% sure why though)
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15 days ago by irace
:fire: This guide details the planning and the tools involved in creating a secure Linux production systems - work in progress. - trimstray/
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18 days ago by broderboy
Starlette is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit, which is ideal for building high performance asyncio services.
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22 days ago by HighCharisma
A multi-threaded JavaScript server platform
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26 days ago by johnloy

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