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Slice and dice log files on the command line Slice and dice log files on the command line.
Slice and dice log files on the command line Slice and dice log files on the command line.
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15 minutes ago by michaelfox
Nuxt.js - Universal Vue.js Applications
Nuxt.js is a minimal framework for creating Vue.js applications with server side rendering, code-splitting, hot-reloading, static generation and more!
vue.js  javascript  html  server  rendering 
15 hours ago by floehopper
SMBrute is a program that can be used to bruteforce username and passwords of servers that are using SMB (Samba).
Hacking  server  samba  smb  bruteforce 
19 hours ago by aiefel
How Do Disk Array Controllers Affect Storage Performance?
* What is a Disk Array Controller?
A disk array controller is a device which manages the physical disk drives and presents them to the computer as logical units. It almost always implements hardware RAID, and thus is sometimes referred to as RAID controller. It also often provides additional disk cache.

The disk array controller is made of up 3 important parts which play a key role in the controllers functioning and also show us indicators of storage I/O bottlenecks. These are:

- CPU that processes the data sent to the controller
- I/O port that includes:
Back-end interface to establish communication with the storage disks
Front-end interface to communicate with a computer’s host adapter
- Software executed by the controller’s processor which also consumes the processor resources

These components could potentially offset the performance of the storage subsystem when left unchecked. There are third-party storage management tools that help to get this visibility, but as storage administrators you should know what metrics to look at to understand what could possibly go wrong with the disk array controller.
storage  server  sysadmin 
yesterday by dusko
Storage Controller aka Storage Processor or Array Controller
A storage controller is a device that controls storage arrays, and mainly comprises the three types of components—"CPU" (central processing unit), "cache memory" and "connection interface with the network and memory devices." It is otherwise called "storage processor" or "array controller," among other names.
storage  server  sysadmin 
yesterday by dusko
Take back control of your email with this easy-to-deploy mail server in a box.
email  mail  server  cloud 
2 days ago by segfault
The Process Component (Symfony Docs)
Symfony package for running shell scripts on the web server. I tested this on my Laravel Homestead Vagrant Virtual Machine to run a Python script from a Laravel (PHP) command and from a controller web route and it worked beautifully.
symfony  package  exec  shell  script  server  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  tutorial  documentation  guide  reference  laravel  laravel5 
3 days ago by racl101
Improve your Ruby application's memory usage and performance with jemalloc
Using a different memory allocation library, you can reduce your Ruby application’s memory usage and response time. Learn how to use it on a hosting service (like Heroku or Scalingo) or your own server.
ruby  memory  performance  how-to  heroku  server  configuration  library 
3 days ago by rtopitt
stereobooster/react-snap: 👻 Zero-configuration framework-agnostic static prerendering for SPAs
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
react.js  server  rendering 
3 days ago by trodrigues

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