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Entire of Himself by Jaylee
Summary: You were prepared to hate your accuser on sight, in fact, you were already mentally preparing your diatribe, and the sharpness of your glare, before he stepped up to the podium to confront you... But then your eyes caught his and you froze.
fandom:startrek:2009  pairing:kirk/spock  pining!kirk  angst  romance  narrative-pov:second-person  pov:kirk  series:introvenient  <5.000  rating:r  author:jaylee_g  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2010 by csad
Introvenient by Jaylee
Summary: "He is your T’hy’la,” he responds, and you feel your heart beat faster than it ever has. ||

‘You really did dislike me at first,’ Jim murmured, so soft it was near indiscernible, ‘I thought our experiences on the Narada had maybe changed that. That we had come to some sort of appreciation for each other. But that wasn’t the case, was it? You were told, point blank, that we were compatible, and you wouldn’t even accept the possibility of it. The only reason you pursued me at all was as some sort of experiment? Not exactly the most flattering thing to find out,' Jim attempted his usual bravado, with that last line, but you both knew that something had changed between you, the brightness of Jim’s mind was rapidly dimming, doubt creeping in like a storm, and like the planet Vulcan imploding helplessly in front of your eyes, so imploded the healing energy and vibrancy coursing between you and Jim.
fandom:startrek:2009  pairing:kirk/spock  angst  romance  narrative-pov:second-person  pov:spock  series:introvenient  <4.000  rating:pg  author:jaylee_g  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2010 by csad

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<4.000  <5.000  angst  author:jaylee_g  fandom:startrek:2009  first-time  narrative-pov:second-person  non-crossover  pairing:kirk/spock  pining!kirk  pov:kirk  pov:spock  rating:pg  rating:r  romance  status:complete  type:fanfiction 

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