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حشود نينوى «الفضائية»:معسكرات تدريب على الورق ومقاتلون بلا أثر - جريدة الحياة
May 4, 2018, Ghost soldiers in Ninawa Tribal Hashd militias, good and detailed report in al-Hayat; mentions deployment of 3rd and 5th FP in Mosul along with Hashd Shaabi to do most of checkpoint work after liberation, says sunni Hashd factions had only "symbolic" presence
Hashd  Sahwa  security  militias  Ninawa  3rdFP  5thFP 
3 hours ago by insideiraqipolitics
How I used a simple Google query to mine passwords from dozens of public Trello boards
Update —17 August 2018:
In the recent months I had discovered a total of 50 Trello Boards of the British and Canadian governments containing internal confidential information and credentials. The Intercept wrote a detailed article about it here.
security  osint 
4 hours ago by thoth
IOCipher is the antidote to “Man-in-the-Disk” attack
IOCipher provides a virtual encrypted disk for Android apps without requiring the device to be rooted. It uses a clone of the standard API for working with files, so developers already know how to use it.
android  security  encryption  mobile 
13 hours ago by lidel

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