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Certificates for localhost - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
Sometimes people want to get a certificate for the hostname “localhost”, either for use in local development, or for distribution with a native application that needs to communicate with a web application. Let’s Encrypt can’t provide certificates for “localhost” because nobody uniquely owns it, and it’s not rooted in a top level domain like “.com” or “.net”. It’s possible to set up your own domain name that happens to resolve to, and get a certificate for it using the DNS challenge. However, this is generally a bad idea and there are better options.
localhost  development  https  security 
3 minutes ago by aldolat
Protecting Against Hide and Seek Malware
Although you might think that your company is already well-protected against malware, you can never be too careful.
Malware  small  business  network  security 
23 minutes ago by Adventure_Web
Four Things You Should Know about Using a Cisco ISE
Secure your network with Cisco products from En-Net Services!
Network  Security  Cisco 
42 minutes ago by Adventure_Web
Beyond Sapphire Now – DSAG on how SAP licensing must evolve
"SAP licensing and indirect access took a back seat at Sapphire Now. But as Andreas Oczko of DSAG explains, this is far from over. In this diginomica exclusive from Orlando, Oczko gave his view on SAP's document pricing announcements - and what needs to happen next."
digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  transformation  -  frictionless  governing  identity  privacy  and  security 
1 hour ago by jonerp
Watch Your Hack - a manual to protect you against hackers
This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms. Six professional hackers 👨‍💻 helped create this guide.
guide  security  privacy 
3 hours ago by alssanro
Keep Your Business and Employees Safe with an On-Site Security Booth
By investing in a mobile security booth, you are ensuring the protection of your business and employees.
security  security-booth  trailers 
3 hours ago by Adventure_Web

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