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Smart Edge Agile | element14 | Design Center
Introducing the meta sensing category, the solution is first on the market with a hardware and software combo that provides AI and security at the Edge. Thanks to the Brainium portal, users will access a complete IoT solution including AI Studio. The studio brings a Zero Coding approach for building AI models and pushes them to the edge. This avoids the complexity of deep learning tools and development processes. The solution is ready to use, from POC up to industrialization.
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yesterday by cyberchucktx
CenturyLink is blocking its customer's internet while saying Utah legislators told them to -
Evil ISP is effectively blocking all internet access to insert an ad via HTTP hijacking and pretends that the state law required them to do it.
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yesterday by mcherm
Protect WordPress wp-login with nginx HTTP Auth + fail2ban •
Protecting wp-login.php for WordPress is essential for brute force protection from hackers. Most WordPress administrators will use a plugin like All-in-One Security (recommended) or Wordfence to block users who are making excessive login attempts. The problem with the plugin technique is that these brute force protection methods are still expensive for your web server. When a user tries to log in, PHP processing occurs and MySQL queries are made to verify if the user is valid or not. If you are getting lots of failed login attempts then you will see CPU usage spike and RAM be unnecessarily used up.
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yesterday by mclinn
A Professional Safecracker Reveals His Craft - The Atlantic
Everybody has a box,” Santore said to me one day over lunch. “They have some place where they keep things and they don’t want anybody else to know what’s in there.” His hands were blackened with metal dust from a jewel safe he had drilled that morning. “There’s something sort of esoteric or ambiguous about that,” he continued, “like the safe is someone’s little space—someone’s psyche—and not everyone’s psyche is a clean place, you know?”


For Louis, though, the question was invigorating: What do you want to be? What’s inside you? “Maybe you’re the ultimate safe you’re trying to crack,” he said to me, getting excited by the thought. “You spend your whole life trying to open one thing,” Louis said, “and it’s you.”
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