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15 Mac-Hardening Security Tips to Protect Your Privacy | The Mac Security Blog
Log into that second account, and use it for your everyday activities, and to store your personal files. Whenever an administrator's password is required, type the admin user name, and the appropriate password. While this will lead to more password requests than if you were working under an admin account, each of these requests should raise a red flag and make you think whether you should be entering your password.
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4 days ago by cjitlal | Framework for “Investment Contract” Analysis of Digital Assets
If you are considering an Initial Coin Offering, sometimes referred to as an "ICO," or otherwise engaging in the offer, sale, or distribution of a digital asset,[2] you need to consider whether the U.S. federal securities laws apply. via Pocket
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6 days ago by ChristopherA
Site Evaluators Reject Appeal Of Seacoast Power Line Approval | New Hampshire Public Radio
The state’s Site Evaluation Committee says it won’t reconsider its recent approval of a new transmission line on the Seacoast.
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7 days ago by eversourcenh
SEC won't reconsider Seacoast Reliability Project - News - - Portsmouth, NH
On Thursday, state regulators denied motions to rehear and reconsider their approval of the Seacoast Reliability Project that the town of Durham, the Durham residents group and the Conservation Law Foundation filed in March.
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10 days ago by eversourcenh
Judge warns Elon Musk that even “big fish” need to follow court orders
Elon Musk appeared in a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday to listen as his lawyers defended him against claims that he had violated a September deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC told Judge Alison Nathan that Musk violated the deal by publishing a February tweet stating that Tesla would produce "around 500k" vehicles in 2019—without getting the tweet pre-approved by a Tesla attorney.

Musk's lawyers disagreed, arguing that his September deal gave him discretion to decide which tweets needed legal review. The settlement requires Musk to seek legal review for tweets that "contain or may reasonably contain" information that's "material"—i.e., significant for people trading Tesla's stock. But Musk's lawyers argue that the 500k figure is consistent with Tesla's past guidance (the SEC disputes this) and therefore wasn't new information that needed fresh legal approval.
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17 days ago by jtyost2

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