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does what it scene jobs (and design too)
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7 hours ago by inrgbwetrust
Don’t Waste Your Time With MySQL Full-Text Search – Hacker Noon
It’s executed in 50 seconds, which makes it unusable…

Please note this is the same query as above, with only one additional condition (id > 10000000). Moreover, the query doesn’t return any rows, because the additional condition excludes all rows (all IDs are below 10,000,000).

Why is it so slow? It’s because the term “commercial” used in my query is common (~300,000 documents contain the term) and because MySQL is not good at merging indexes. Basically, MySQL uses the full-text index to lookup for the term “commercial”, and then it does a kind of nested join to lookup for the 300,000 rows and check the condition on id. The former is very quick, but the latter is extremely slow.

It would be really great for MySQL to be able to combine multiple index using an in memory bitmap. This would make the built-in full-text search a lot more useful. In the meantime, I have to find an alternate solution.

If you have any idea about how to solve this without switching to another database engine, please reach out to me.
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12 hours ago by cnk
Introduction to Web Archive Discovery
A walk through of loading WARC data into Solr and then viewing the index with Shine and Warclight...all in your browser! From @anjacks0n.
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16 hours ago by edsu
ACM Digital Library
The ACM Digital Library is a research, discovery and networking platform containing:
The Full-Text Collection of all ACM publications, including journals, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters and books.
A collection of curated and hosted full-text publications from select publishers.
The ACM Guide to Computing Literature, a comprehensive bibliographic database focused exclusively on the field of computing.
A richly interlinked set of connections among authors, works, institutions, and specialized communities.
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yesterday by dicewitch
BurntSushi/ripgrep: ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern
ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern - BurntSushi/ripgrep
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yesterday by HusseinMorsy
Does Paid Help Organic Search? Yes And No

by for

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yesterday by pamneely

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