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Find more info abo0ut a font. Upload it and see what is inside.
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33 minutes ago by patrickloonstra
A better search for Drupal | Web Services Blog
Drupal comes with a built in search module that provides some pretty basic search options. Like everything else we do, we ask ourselves, "how can this be better?" One of our recent projects has given us the opportunity to evaluate some new options for search. 
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4 hours ago by stacker
Solving Every Sudoku Puzzle
The function parse_grid calls assign(values, s, d). We could implement this as values[s] = d, but we can do more than just that. Those with experience solving Sudoku puzzles know that there are two important strategies that we can use to make progress towards filling in all the squares:
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16 hours ago by cjitlal
RT : 54+ Local Experts Share Insights on Local and Link Outreach
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19 hours ago by ormg
Google Takes Lead On Retail Advertising Spend |
According to news from FierceRetail, figures show that as of Q1 2018, Google Shopping campaigns account for almost 80 percent of all retail search ad spend. Ashley Fletcher, Adthena’s VP of Marketing, affirmed this pattern remains consistent when looking at desktop or mobile data, which strongly indicates Google is the far-and-away leader in retail advertising and setting the state for converting a sale from a product search.

As of the latest data for this year, Google drew more than 76 percent of all retail search ad spend. Moreover, the data indicated this search spend generated over 85 percent of all clicks. That strength was influenced by category accounting — U.S. fashion and apparel advertisers were the biggest spenders on Google Shopping ads — for almost 85 percent of all search ad spend in general, coming down with some 90 percent of all clicks.
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yesterday by dancall
Reducing Zero Result Searches Through Elasticsearch Slop Parameter Changes
This report covers the second experiment run by the Discovery team. The slop parameter indicates how far apart terms are allowed to be while still considering the document a match. Far apart means: how many times do you need to move a term in order to make the query and document match? [1] We hypothesized that increasing the slop parameter would yield less zero results. This was based on our intuition that less restrictive (more flexible) phrase matching should find more documents that match the terms. In summary, we did not find a consistent improvement in outcome for users subject to the experimental conditions, and recommend disabling the experiment and returning users to the default search experience - coupled with some investigation suggestions.
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yesterday by Audiences

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