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Wifi: "beamforming" only begins to describe it - apenwarr
[Note to the impatient: to try out my beamforming simulation, which produced
the above image, visit my beamlab test
page - ideally in a brow...
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5 hours ago by xer0x
Evaluation of SDR boards and toolchains [pdf] | Hacker News
This is an evaluation of performance on bands used for satellite communications, i.e. VHF and above.
If anyone is looking for an SDR primarily for HF and below, I think the Airspy HF+ Discovery is considered the best affordable option right now. If you want a good general-coverage SDR, I'd recommend one of the SDRplay products like the one they reviewed or the cheaper RSP1A.
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4 days ago by euler
The Airspy Youloop is a freaking brilliant passive loop antenna | The SWLing Post
At the Winter SWL Fest when I gave a presentation about Portable SDR DXing, not only did I give attendees the wrong name of the Airspy Youloop antenna, but I also configured it incorrectly, hence the poor performance via my Miscrosoft Surface Go tablet PC.
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5 days ago by rwhe
A Comprehensive Lab Comparison between Multiple Software Defined Radios
Librespace, who are the people behind the open hardware/source SatNOGS satellite ground station project have recently released a comprehensive paper (pdf) that compares multiple software defined radios available on the market in a realistic laboratory based signal environment.
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6 days ago by rwhe
“BBC to provide free DAB radios to over-70s” | The SWLing Post
The broadcaster’s local radio unit will give away free DAB radio units to over-70s nominated by local listeners, as part of the BBC’s Make a Difference campaign.
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7 days ago by rwhe
Coronavirus: Radio Listening Booms While Music Streaming Stalls - Slashdot
People staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic appear to be listening to more radio rather than music apps, figures suggest. The BBC reports: Global, which owns Capital FM and talk station LBC, said online radio listening had risen by 15%.
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8 days ago by rwhe

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