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Kinetic Sculpture Timelapse / Build UP LLC @ YouTube
A breath taking technology that combines the latest findings of engineering with the most innovative forms of arts. When colourful lights and ripples invade the body of hundreds of LED symmetric spheres, the kinetic sculpture starts floating in an overwhelming harmony, leaving the visitors with an unforgettable experience.
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june 2016 by cyberchucktx
A Metal Sculpture That Plays The Breeze
This totally tubular work of public sculpture is called Aeolus, named after the god of the four winds in Greek mythology.

Aeolus is designed to play a sweet sound every time the wind blows, because it’s made out of 310 polished steel tubes attached to an arch that helps channel the breeze into nature’s melody.

Aeolus was made by artist Luke Jerram, who wanted to provide “both acoustic and optical sensations, with the pipes framing, inverting and magnifying the landscape”

Aeolus is on display at the Canary Wharf in London until May 10th, so if you’re in the area you can give it a look and a listen and let us know what you think!

Link  –via JazJaz
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