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Flavours of Agile |
I started programming around the time people published the Agile Manifesto. My manager at the time handed me the first edition of Extreme Programming Explained.
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2 days ago by vipom
Flavours of Agile – patkua@work
I am amazed at the emergence of new “agile methodologies.” From a positive note, it demonstrates how wide agile has reached. It also demonstrates how the Agile Manifesto did such an effective job. A simple set of statements brought a worldwide community together. It provided an umbrella for people to share ideas, knowledge and practices. Agile catalysed improvements in the state of software development.
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4 days ago by pks
Embedding Product Design in a Large Agile Organization
athenahealth provides network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps to drive clinical and financial results for its hospital and ambulatory clients — we employ 85+ designers globally to support those efforts
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6 days ago by lendamico
Developers Should Abandon Agile
This is, the combination of new articles, XProgramming, SameElephant, and perhaps even some new items never before contemplated. <br/>Copyright © 1998-forever Ronald E Jeffries
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8 days ago by pks
Paper: Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster: A Pattern Language for High Performing Scrum Teams
Authors: Jeff Sutherland, Neil Harrison, Joel Riddle

The Patterns:
1. Stable Teams
2. Yesterday’s Weather
3. Swarming: One Piece Continuous Flow
4. Interrupt Pattern: Illigitimus Non Interruptus
5. Daily Clean Code
6. Emergency Procedure
7. Scrumming the Scrum
8. Happiness Metric
9. Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster
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13 days ago by kevinrood

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