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Indexing web sites in Solr with Python | Lucidworks
I create a simple spider which crawls my site, identifies blog posts by URL structure,
and extract the text from the blog post. The cool thing about this is that we can extract specific parts of the page.
solr  search  python  scripts  howto 
4 days ago by liberatr
Liquid Distortion Effects (Codrops)
Скрипт позволяет добиться эффекта просмотра изображения через прослойку воды.
design  animation  scripts  library  examples  javascript 
6 days ago by jvetrau
Draggable JS — JavaScript drag and drop library
Отличная лёгкая JavaScript-библиотека для drag&drop от Shopify.
design  scripts  library  javascript 
19 days ago by jvetrau
S3 Point In Time Restore
restore a versioned S3 bucket to the state it was at at a specific point in time
ops  s3  restore  backups  versioning  history  tools  scripts  unix 
20 days ago by jm

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