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Vladimir Nabokov’s Unpublished ‘Lolita’ Screenplay Notes - VICE
See six pages of Nabokov’s original Lolita screenplay with his handwritten notes.
scripts  writing  annotation  nabokov 
7 days ago by katexic
Convert an RSS feed to ActivityPub
for autoposting to Mastodon or similar. Via Nelson
via:nelson  mastodon  rss  blogging  scripts 
8 days ago by jm
snippets/ · master · Constantine / lib · GitLab
load-watch - kills memory and cpu hogs when load average is too high
bash  monitoring  scripts  performance  load 
10 days ago by hayzer
terraform-examples/google-consul at master · radeksimko/terraform-examples
Terraform Examples. Contribute to radeksimko/terraform-examples development by creating an account on GitHub.
terraform  init  scripts  gcp 
11 days ago by pinterb
Image Reveal Hover Effects (Codrops)
Скрипт даёт необычный эффект наведения для показа изображений.
design  scripts  animation  library  coding 
12 days ago by jvetrau
How to Get, Parse, Query, and Return JSON • Google Apps Script Tutorials and Examples
Google Apps Script makes it easy to send, receive, and use JSON in your applications. This post provides ideas and examples to get started quickly.
google  json  scripts 
14 days ago by arthuralvim

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