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Vim Scripts
This mirror provides access to any of the scripts on using Git. It was inspired by Pathogen's simple approach to Vim plugins.
vim  scripts  repository 
3 days ago by victorfuertes
WeeChat :: scripts
script to add tab completion to corrected spelling mistakes.
Computers  Linux  weechat  irc  scripts  spelling  aspell 
3 days ago by themanjay
Rough.js — Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance
Библиотека позволяет превращать изображения в а-ля рисованные от руки.
design  scripts  javascript  library 
5 days ago by jvetrau
Creative Audio Visualizers (Codrops)
Визуализация музыки на JavaScript.
design  audio  visualization  animation  scripts  library 
5 days ago by jvetrau
nodesource/distributions: NodeSource Node.js Binary Distributions
This repository contains the source of the NodeSource Node.js and io.js Binary Distributions setup and support scripts.
node.js  downloads  github  repository  software  install  script  scripts  linux  debian  debian.wheezy  ubuntu  ubuntu.precise  ubuntu.trusty  ubuntu.xenial  mint  redhat  centos  fedora  links  howto  tips  guide 
10 days ago by ezequiel
Topic: mac · GitHub
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
Automation  Scripts  GitHub  Macbook 
13 days ago by LiquidChris
Tampermonkey • Home
Script management for websites. Chrome Extension.
chrome  browser  extension  scripts 
16 days ago by adrianmg

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