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Scalable & lightweight web screenshots with SVG
We explain how to generate web page screenshots in SVG format that are infinitely scalable while being over 10 times smaller in file size than a detailed PNG screenshot. SVG screenshots can be less than 20KB in size and will load instantly so they’re perfect for use as large, high quality landing page header images. The core trick is to use web browser to print to PDF the web page you want to screenshot, converting the PDF to a tiny optimised SVG image and then inlining the image data directly into your HTML.
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5 days ago by spaceninja
Using Vim as a JavaScript IDE - DotNetSurfers
I have been writing a lot of Javascript code (both server and client side) over the last few months. Having worked entirely with Visual Studio and R# for the last 10 years, I had a couple of options for my Javascript IDE. I could use Visual Studio Code, or JetBrains WebStorm or Vim, which I have been using for the last few years for text editing. I have been wanting to level up my Vim-Fu for a while, so I decided to start with that.

In this post, I’ll outline the plugins that have helped me get a good coding workflow going. I use Vundle to manage my Vim plugins, though any good plugin manager should suffice. I am using MacVim currently, but the same setup should work in Terminal Vim too.
development  javascript  ide  editor  tips  vim  configuration  plugins  links  blogpost  2016  screenshots  reviews 
6 days ago by ezequiel
Phantom of the Output — Webpage Screenshots with PhantomJS
I needed a ton of webpage screenshots to enhance an AI model. And by a ton, I mean 500. My first thought was to open up my browser, head to each webpage, and take a screenshot using a keyboard…
phantomjs  archive  screenshots 
18 days ago by stechico
Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.
code  screenshots  twitter 
18 days ago by mikej
How we automated taking screenshots of Django applications
Brilliant usage of pytest + headless chrome to generate screenshots for docs.
chrome  article  technology  python  screenshots  screenshot  pytest  blog  selenium  web  django  twitter 
4 weeks ago by jefftriplett
UX best practices: How to design scannable app screenshots
Discover & share this The Bachelor GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.
article  ux  ui  design  ios  appstore  screenshots  !great 
4 weeks ago by alexmc
Apple Frames: A Shortcut for Framing Screenshots from Every Apple Device – MacStories
“For iOS devices, the shortcut supports both portrait and landscape orientations. As was the case with the original, this shortcut can either frame individual screenshots or groups of screenshots; if it’s dealing with multiple screenshots at once (even from different devices), the shortcut will combine the framed versions into a single composite image.”
ios  canonical  frames  2018  macstories  shortcuts  deviceframes  iphone  screenshots 
5 weeks ago by handcoding

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