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Open Source Feeds
Open Source Feeds is a suite of software tools for downloading content from popular social networks into an open format.
social  scraper  facebook  twitter 
3 days ago by mwishek
MontFerret/ferret: Declarative web scraping
Declarative web scraping. Contribute to MontFerret/ferret development by creating an account on GitHub.
web  scraping  golang  opensource  scraper  crawler 
6 days ago by e2b
Mixnode: Turn the web into a database
Use simple queries to get data from the web; on any scale, in any shape, with any complexity.
data  dev  scraper  db  sql 
8 days ago by montchr
Watir Project
open source Ruby library for automating tests. Watir interacts with a browser the same way people do: clicking links, filling out forms and validating text. -- good for scraping!
ruby  testing  scraper 
24 days ago by joem
Scraping framework for extracting the data you need from websites, used for a wide range of applications, like data mining, data processing or archiving

scraper  crawler  go 
5 weeks ago by michaelfox
这是最近使用纯 php 代码开发的并行抓取(爬虫)框架,基于 hightman\httpclient 组件。

scraper  crawler  php 
5 weeks ago by michaelfox

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