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A Brief History of Pamela Sargent’s Women of Wonder Anthologies
Sargent had been shopping the initial anthology around for several years without luck. Publishers generally felt the market for such an anthology would be small. She got a lucky break when Vonda N. McIntyre asked Vintage Books how it was that despite having done all-male anthologies, they’d never published an all-women one. Vintage was interested in the idea, provided that someone not on their staff did the editing. McIntyre introduced Sargent to the folks at Vintage and the rest is SF history.

Women of Wonder could have stood on its own (and given the prejudices of the time, might have been intended as a one-off). The volume provided a short history of science fiction, a fine essay whose main flaw was that it came to an abrupt halt in 1974 (possibly due to the fact that it was written in 1974). The rest of the book was an assortment of prose pieces, plus one poem. With the possible except of Sonya Dorman’s “The Child Dreams,” all of the pieces included were reprints, arranged in order of publication. The oldest work was Judith Merril’s 1948 “That Only a Mother,” the most recent McIntyre’s 1973 “Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand.”

The New Women of Wonder (1978) rounded off the series by focusing on what were then recent works, like Russ’ “When It Changed,” and Tiptree’s “The Women Men Don’t See.” Works that are now classics.

In 1995 there was a two-volume follow-up to the original series. Women of Wonder: The Classic Years (1995) featured older works, many of which had appeared in earlier WoW anthologies. Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years (1995) drew on the body of speculative fiction published in the seventeen years since The New Women of Wonder. Although The Classic Years sifted a span twice as long as The Contemporary Years, both volumes are of similar length. This may be a reflection of the greater number of women active in the field in recent years.
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RT : HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT JUDY-LYNN DEL REY?!?! I love and . But even more, I love being ab…
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Post-post-collapse fiction? - scifi sf sciencefiction | Ask MetaFilter
"fiction taking place after society has begun to rebuild itself" (via Things Magazine)
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Cory Doctorow’s ‘Radicalized’ reveals our dystopian technological future in four tales - Los Angeles Times
Fiction can make the detonation more visceral and immediate, and possibly spur us to action when the problems are still manageable rather than when they're so pernicious that they can't be denied, but also might be too far along to do anything about.
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An Interview with Nick Harkaway: Algorithmic Futures, Literary Fractals, and Mimetic Immortality - Los Angeles Review of Books
Our societies are defined by the technologies that enable them. Humans without tools are not magically pure; they’re just unvaccinated, cold, and wet.
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Interview: Andreas Eschbach – Deutsche Science Fiction
dsf: Hallo Andreas. Zuallererst möchte ich mich für deine Bereitschaft bedanken, mir für ein Interview zur Verfügung zu stehen. Wer ist Andreas Eschbach? Gibst du uns einen kleinen Überblick über deine Vita? Hast du Kinder?
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RT : Call for Papers! Global Utopian Film and TV in the Age of Dystopia, a special issue of Film and Tel…
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Fighting for climate action with 'The Uninhabitable Earth' author David Wallace-Wells: podcast and transcript
I was just emailing with William Gibson, a sci-fi novelist, and I was thinking Oh, I'm just editing at the last minute this little bit in the book about how climate change is gonna make science fiction writers seem even more prophetic going forward. He was like, I hate when people call us prophets. We got everything wrong. We got absolutely everything wrong. Everything but the mood, and I was like, No no no.
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Perry Rhodan – Die positive Utopie - TOR
Seit 3000 Wochen legendär: Perry Rhodan im Heftformat. Nach ihren Anfängen in den 60ern haben sich die Serie und auch ihr Held allerdings mehrfach gewandelt. Welche Wechselwirkungen zwischen Fiktion und Realität dabei auszumachen sind, ergründet Perry-Leser Johannes Rüster.
6 weeks ago by fwhamm
Andreas Eschbach: „Perry Rhodan hat bei mir Karl May aus dem Feld geschlagen“
Seit in seinem Roman „Das Jesus-Video“ von 1998 eine 2000 Jahre alte Kamera im Wüstensand gefunden wurde, zählt Andreas Eschbach (59) zu den populärsten Science-Fiction-Autoren Europas. Jetzt hat er sich eines Helden seiner Jugend angenommen.
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Avez-vous déjà vu plus d'un siècle de littérature de au sein d'une infographie cartographiée intera…
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Die Erfindung der Zukunft in der Literatur - Professor Esselborn im Utopie-Podcast #KönigvonDeutschland -
In seinem neuen Buch „Die Erfindung der Zukunft in der Literatur“ entwirft Hans Esselborn eine Geschichte des deutschsprachigen Zukunftsromans — oder mit dem heute geläufigen Ausdruck der deutschsprachigen Science Fiction — von 1900 bis zur Gegenwart und stellt dabei bedeutende Autoren wie
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Empfehlungen: Feministische Science Fiction, Sci-Fi von Frauen | stefan mesch
. Science-Fiction-Romane von Autorinnen - die ich las und empfehlen kann: - Suzanne Collins: "The Hunger Games" / "Die Tribute von Panem" (Band 1.) - Marlen Haushofer: "Die Wand" - Lois Lowry: "The Giver" / "Hüter der Erinnerung" - Fiona Maazel: "Last Last Chance" - Octavia Butler: "Kindred" / "Vom gleichen Blut" - Teri Terry:…
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