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Theoretical Amnesia
"A good scientific theory allows you infer what would happen to things in certain situations without creating the situations. Thus, scientific theories are crystal balls that actually work. ... My field – psychology – unfortunately does not afford much of a lazy life. We don’t have theories that can offer predictions sufficiently precise to intervene in the world with appreciable certainty. That’s why there exists no such thing as a psychological engineer. ... For instance, as a field has less theory, it has to leave more to the data. Since you can’t learn anything from data without the armature of statistical analysis, a field without theory tends to grow a thriving statistical community. Thus, the role of statistics grows as soon as the presence of scientific theory wanes. In extreme cases, when statistics has entirely taken over, fields of inquiry can actually develop a kind of philosophical disorder: theoretical amnesia."
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7 hours ago by aapl
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When does the quest for beauty lead science astray?
"Ugly theories are full of moving parts that all have to fit together just right to work. In contrast, beautiful theories are more self-sustaining. The problem is that the world is complicated, and beautiful theories only explain part of what we see. So we’re always in some intermediate zone, where our beautiful theories explain some stylized facts about the world, but some ugliness is needed to explain the rest."
7 hours ago by aapl
Noble-gas-infused neoprene closed-cell foams achieving ultra-low thermal conductivity fabrics - RSC Advances (RSC Publishing)
You can infuse a neoprene wetsuit with xenon/krypton via autoclave to displace nitrogen in the closed cell neoprene. While it will leak back out in day, if you move the infused wetsuit to a sealed bag, it will keep. Improves heat retention 3x.
materials  science  research  tehcnology  neoprene  wetsuit  noble  gas  infusion 
10 hours ago by asteroza
Microsoft buys artificial intelligence startup Bonsai - Business Insider
First, Microsoft invested. Then, Microsoft acquired.

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bonsai, an artificial intelligence startup based in Berkeley, California.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. All told, Bonsai had raised a relatively modest $13.6 million since it started up … via Tech and Science
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10 hours ago by stantont
Blank On The Map: Does the multiverse explain the cosmological constant?
Nice summary of Weinberg's 1987 paper "predicting" the cosmological constant and the problems therewith, including the fact that more modern observations of when the earliest galaxies form make the original paper's prediction agree even less with the observed value of Lambda.
cosmology  science  multiverse 
12 hours ago by PeterErwin

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