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Predatory Lending Practices: Business Borrowers Hurt By ’Confession of Judgment’ Filings
How an obscure legal document turned New York’s court system into a debt-collection juggernaut.
finance  legal  newyork  loan  debt  scan  boilerroom  hustle  mafia  wallstreet 
22 days ago by xer0x
ryanries/SharpTLSScan: Scans servers for supported SSL and TLS versions and cipher suites. Also checks the server's certificate. Supports SSLv2 - TLSv1.2.
This application scans a server to see what versions of SSL and TLS it supports, and which cipher suites.

It is very similar to a program named sslscan ( and sslscan-win ( but those programs had not been updated in 5 years, and thus did not support TLS 1.1 or 1.2, which is why I wrote this tool.
ssl  tls  scan  testing  server  servers 
23 days ago by bezthomas
GitHub - alicevision/meshroom: 3D Reconstruction Software
3D Reconstruction Software. Contribute to alicevision/meshroom development by creating an account on GitHub.
3d  photogrammetry  scan 
5 weeks ago by evanricks
Data Matrix - Wikipedia
allows the routine reconstruction of the entire encoded data string when the symbol has sustained 30% damage, assuming the matrix can still be accurately located. Data Matrix has an error rate of less than 1 in 10 million characters scanned.
barcode  qr-code  data-matrix  scanning  scan  error-correction 
5 weeks ago by hellsten
GitGuardian | Cybersecurity Bot
GitGuardian is a free, ethical security
bot aimed at protecting developers from releasing potentially harmful secrets to GitHub
github  security  scan 
6 weeks ago by kpieper876

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