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fdv/running-elasticsearch-fun-profit: A book about running Elasticsearch
A book about running Elasticsearch. Contribute to fdv/running-elasticsearch-fun-profit development by creating an account on GitHub.
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4 days ago by newtonapple
LND Overview and Developer Guide
The LND Overview and Developer Guide aims to provide just enough information about LND to enable readers to build applications. It start with a conceptual review of the Lightning Network, before jumping into the important aspects of working with specifically LND. If you are already comfortable with how the Lightning Network works, feel free to skip down to the Components section. The command line examples are for illustrative purposes only and will be covered in more depth in the installation guide and tutorial.
crypto  lightning  scaling  guide 
7 days ago by jurvis
Autoscaling based on CPU/Memory in Kubernetes — Part II
With Horizontal Pod Autoscaling, Kubernetes automatically scales the number of pods in a replication controller, deployment or replica set based on observed CPU utilisation. So, now we have a hpa…
memory  kubernetes  k8s  scaling  cpu  autoscaling 
9 days ago by devnulled
How I eliminated 35 hours per week, generated over $1mm, and saved my sanity - I Will Teach You To Be Rich
There were other people who had had this exact problem, and had solved it, so it was solvable. As my friend Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureoutable”

I had to make some hard decisions and change my mentality and behavior.

This was non-negotiable. I couldn’t delay any more, and I couldn’t go on like this.
ramitsethi  iwt  productivity  scaling  growth 
11 days ago by cmananian

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