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Your Family: Past, Present, and Future — Wait But Why
Writing this post has really hammered home the point that humans are mainly a temporary container for their genes. In 150 years, all 7,100,000,000 people alive today will be dead, but all of our genes will be doing just fine, living in other people.
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(3) Building Real-Time Applications with Redis - AWS Online Tech Talks - YouTube
new feature injest data into redis instead of kineses. Efficient optimized data stucture optimized data structure. consumer groups support fanout process data in parallel.
23 hours ago by toddhoff
Machine learning is contributing to a “reproducibility crisis” within science - MIT Technology Review
The problem? Dr Genevera Allen, associate professor at Rice University, has warned that the adoption of machine learning techniques is contributing to a growing "reproducibility crisis" in science, where a worrying number of research findings cannot be repeated by other researchers, thus casting doubt on the validity of the initial results. "I would venture to argue that a huge part of that does come from the use of machine learning techniques in science," Dr Allen told the BBC. In many situations, discoveries made this way shouldn’t be trusted until they have been checked, she argued.
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