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MixT: a language for mixing consistency in geodistributed transactions
Programming concurrent, distributed systems that mutate shared, persistent, geo-replicated state is hard. To enable high availability and scalability, a new class of weakly consistent data stores has become popular. However, some data needs strong consistency. We introduce mixed-consistency transactions, embodied in a new embedded language, MixT. Programmers explicitly associate consistency models with remote storage sites; within each atomic, isolated transaction, data can be accessed with a mixture of different consistency models. Compile-time information-flow checking, applied to consistency models, ensures that these models are mixed safely and enables the compiler to automatically partition transactions into a single sub-transaction per consistency model. New run-time mechanisms ensure that consistency models can also be mixed safely, even when the data used by a transaction resides on separate, mutually unaware stores. Performance measurements show that despite offering strong guarantees, mixed-consistency transactions can significantly outperform traditional serializable transactions.
scalability  concurrency 
3 days ago by janpeuker
Serverless with Spring Cloud, riff, and Knative
Serverless with Spring Cloud, riff, and Knative
Monday, September 24, 2018 // 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm // Chesapeake D-F
Join this session to learn how to build serverless functions with Spring Cloud Function and deploy/orchestrate them using riff running on Google Cloud Platform. In addition to providing the ability to deploy functions, riff can also deploy and run any containerized application. Riff is now running on top of the Knative platform, which means that it can automatically scale out the number of instances based on load, and scale to 0 instances when no one is using the application or function.
java  serverless  container  scalability 
3 days ago by janpeuker
Running high-scale web applications on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances
AppNext's setup looks like quite good practice for a CPU-bound fleet
appnext  spot-instances  ec2  scalability  aws  ops  architecture 
14 days ago by jm
Scalable User Privacy | Labs
This means that we have an efficient way of removing all data associated with an individual user, without reliance on a full listing of all systems and datasets that may have data about the user.
scalability  privacy  encryption  spotify  deletion  gdpr 
20 days ago by yorksranter
[技术世界] Kafka
本文介绍了Kafka的创建背景,设计目标,使用消息系统的优势以及目前流行的消息系统对比。并介绍了Kafka的架构,Producer消息路由,Consumer Group以及由其实现的不同消息分发方式,Topic & Partition,最后介绍了Kafka Consumer为何使用pull模式以及Kafka提供的三种delivery guarantee。
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21 days ago by jslu
Google Cloud Platform Blog: Introducing Agones: Open-source, multiplayer, dedicated game-server hosting built on Kubernetes
Agones replaces the bespoke cluster management and game server scaling solution we discussed above, with a Kubernetes cluster that includes a custom Kubernetes Controller and matching GameServer Custom Resource Definitions.

With Agones, Kubernetes gets native abilities to create, run, manage and scale dedicated game server processes within Kubernetes clusters using standard Kubernetes tooling and APIs. This model also allows any matchmaker to interact directly with Agones via the Kubernetes API to provision a dedicated a game server.
Building Agones on top of Kubernetes has lots of other advantages too: it allows you to run your game workloads wherever it makes the most sense, for example, on game developers’ machines via platforms like minikube, in-studio clusters for group development, on-premises machines and on hybrid-cloud or full-cloud environments, including Google Kubernetes Engine.
Kubernetes also simplifies operations. Multiplayer games are never just dedicated game servers—there are always supporting services, account management, inventory, marketplaces etc. Having Kubernetes as a single platform that can run both your supporting services as well as your dedicated game servers drastically reduces the required operational knowledge and complexity for the supporting development team.
games  container  scalability 
21 days ago by janpeuker

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