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Twitter vs Saudi Activists
Heartfelt editorial on how Twitter is failing and endangering Saudi activists
twitter  saudi  saudiarabia  politics  protest  safety 
2 days ago by nelson
RT : Last week, Arabia executed Tuti Tursilawati, an domestic worker who killed her sexually abusive…
Saudi  Indonesian  from twitter
4 days ago by kcarruthers
Riyadh solar time
Best description I can see of the wacky timezone experiment where 00:00 was defined as "time of sunset in Riyadh"
timezones  time  saudi  tootme  riyadh  pytz  tzinfo 
9 days ago by nelson
In Arabia, when a woman escapes from an abusive home and reports the abuse, her family can counter with a co…
Saudi  from twitter_favs
10 days ago by haylee
Instead of put on , it should put sanction for . Stop the real violence!…
Iran  sanctions  Arabia  USA  Saudi  from twitter
10 days ago by alvar

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