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CABINET / The Game of War: Debord as Strategist
Play is one of the key categories of Situationist thought and practice, but would it really be possible to bring this new landscape for play into being entirely by means of play itself? Debord is best known as the author of The Society of the Spectacle (1967), but in many ways it is not quite a representative text. Lately there has also been a revival of Debord the filmmaker, but beside being a writer, a filmmaker, an editor, and a first rate professional of no profession, he was also a game designer. According to Debord’s second wife, Alice Becker-Ho, he patented his Game of War in 1965 ten years after conceiving it. In 1977, he partnered with his then publisher Gérard Lebovici to form a company to make board games... The strategist is not the proprietor of a field of knowledge, but rather assesses the value of the forces aligned on any available territory. The strategist occupies, evacuates, or contests any territory at hand in pursuit of advantage.
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2 days ago by basemaly
Watching this in mind if recent talk of whether Spitting Image could/should make a comeback
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2 days ago by psychemedia
Grrr Graphics / Ben Garrison -- Ocasio-Cortez and the Chocolate Factory
'Free medical, vision and dental care. Free housing. Free college education. Guaranteed jobs. These are some of the items included in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ platform. Her constituency wanted these free things, and so she was elected to represent them in Congress. -- She combines all this free stuff with open borders. In other words, everyone in the world is welcome to come here and enjoy her offer of free stuff. This is a sure recipe for economic disaster. People have to work in order to provide this free stuff. Will doctors work for free? No. Will homebuilders build housing for free? No. Will professors teach for free? No. So it means much higher taxes. It means more government force. The doctors, homebuilders, and professors may still work, but they will not be rewarded for their efforts. Instead, a Cortez-led government will take most of their money away and redistribute it in order to make things ‘fair and equal.’ -- The problem is, when government breaks the link between effort and reward, less effort becomes inevitable. Stalin thought he had solved this problem by forcing 10 percent of his country’s population into gulags. There, his slaves were forced to work hard or die. If there is no force, there’s a situation where workers pretend to work and their government pretends to pay them. -- ... Ocasio-Cortez is the young, new, and energetic face of socialism. She coins her approach as something novel: ‘Democratic Socialism,’ but a skunk cabbage by any other name will still have the offensive smell. It’s the same old, tired Marxism that has failed again and again for over a hundred years. The most recent example is Venezuela. A once prosperous country, it embraced socialism and as a result its citizens are now starving. Alexandria ignores this and talks heroically about cotton candy, unicorns and flowing rivers of chocolate. She’s not a hero. Put her in charge of a chocolate factory and it would soon be producing rotten eggs.'
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3 days ago by adamcrowe

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