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Cruising for Higher Throughputs - Northern Sky Research Aug 2018
"From 300 Mbps to MSC cruises announced by Marlink in June 2017 to the most recent 3.2 Gbps of throughput delivered to a Carnival Cruise Line Ship in May of 2018, there are few satellite sectors that are seeing such record levels of growth to a customer’s single location . With over 570 Gbps of throughput growth expected between 2017 – 2027 according to NSR’s Maritime SATCOM Report, what applications are driving this growth? "
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RT : 15 hours to process 100 days of high-resolution data -- on
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Launch-U | The Aerospace Corporation
New smallsat spec, similar to cubesat U standard, to ease satellite sizing/manufacturing for multiple launch providers
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Viasat’s Dankberg explains medium Earth orbit thinking, global expansion strategy - Aug 2018
"Viasat is still working on a medium-Earth-orbit satellite constellation idea revealed almost two years ago, but has not finalized what that system would look like, Mark Dankberg, CEO of Viasat, said Aug. 9. Viasat is “putting a bunch of work” into optimizing a 24-satellite system disclosed in a 2016 application to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that would provide connectivity using Ka-band and the lesser used V-band spectrum. "

“The direction we’ve been looking at is really looking at the non-GEO and the GEO as an integrated system, and that relieves that constraint. We don’t have to use the non-GEO to provide coverage everywhere.”

Viasat’s approach to globalization is to “really understand each market and be able to deliver services to end users in those markets, not just sell to intermediaries,” [Mark Dankberg] said.
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Small satellite sector grapples with cybersecurity requirements, cost - Aug 2018
"For cybersecurity experts, it’s clearcut: smallsat operators should take the same precautions as large satellite operators, including encrypting uplinks and downlinks, safeguarding ground stations and monitoring network activity."

"In many cases, however, small satellite developers and operators are not focusing on cybersecurity. Many of the hallmarks of the rapidly growing sector — low-cost satellites, lean operations and continual hardware and software improvements — are the same characteristics that make cybersecurity challenging."

"Gregory Falco, a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center Cyber Security Project, underscores the threat posed by internet connections. Falco, who has focused extensively on the Internet of Things, equates cubesats to IoT devices."
SpaceNews  smallsats  satellite  cybersecurity 
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Smallsat developers focus on improving reliability - aug 2018
"As cubesats and other smallsats transition from technology demonstration and student projects to operational missions supporting a growing array of applications, companies large and small are working to improve their reliability. ... The on-orbit performance of cubesats has long been a sore point."

[Jeroen Cappaert, a co-founder] said Spire is now considering providing mission services to companies, who they would fly their payloads on Spire satellites. “We think of Spire today as a data provider, but we’re also a mission provider,” he said. “We’ve built all this infrastructure and we think we can provide value to other companies that don’t necessarily want to spend the time and capital building all this from scratch.”

"[NanoRacks] has, to date, deployed 223 satellites from the ISS"
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RT : Planet Labs Launches OpenLST Satellite Radio Platform.

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Iridium posts sharply higher revenue, forecasts decade-long capex holiday - Aug 2018
"With seven of eight launches completed for Iridium Next, its $3 billion second-generation constellation, Iridium is poised to begin a 10-year “capex holiday,” CEO Matt Desch said during a call with investors, projecting a reduction to $35 million in annual spending after the final launch. McLean, Virginia-based Iridium spent $132 million in capital expenditures the past three months, most of it on Iridium Next."

"... reiterated that Iridium is on track to complete the full constellation of 75 in-orbit satellites this year. "

"Desch said 80 percent of Iridium’s telecom traffic is traveling over Next satellites, of which 65 are in orbit. ... The full Iridium Next constellation consists of 66 operational satellites, nine orbiting spares and six ground spares."

"Iridium subscribers totaled 1,047,000 at the end of June, up 15 percent year over year, with commercial IoT subscribers counting for 576,000, up 25 percent from the same time in 2017. "

"Desch declined to describe pricing for the new contract Iridium is working on, but hinted that Iridium is pitching Certus, its new higher throughput broadband offering, to the government in addition to traditional services of secure voice, push to talk, and IoT narrowband connectivity."
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