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I just wish the time taken to deploy an app from webide to ABAP repo should become instant. As of now…
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4 days ago by steinermatt
BAPI for Creating Fund Center and Commitment Item - SAP Q&A
Function module for Create Commitment item : FM_COMITEM_UPDATE
Function module for Create Fund center : FM_FUNDS_CENTER_UPDATE
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5 days ago by bekishore
HCM Software and The Health Pandemic of 2020
"A client we worked with to implement an HCM initiative has launched on online Covivid-19 response plan that employees can access daily (or whenever they want to) via their HCM system. This flexible database contains a multitude of information from travel advisories to how to handle exposure. With the evolving virus situation, it is updated frequently and > 75% of employees access it daily. This client is currently enhancing their system to contain an online chat feature, which is a clever use of technology to help manage and foster communication during difficult times."
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6 days ago by jonerp
The New Realities of HCM and ERP Implementations in a Changing World
"We expect to see more companies and teams that are expected to work smarter (and harder too, by the way), while also being selective with limited resources. This is because most organizations tend to fall into one or more of three categories:

Those that are severely disrupted by employee health concerns, remote workforces, lost productivity, and employee personal issues spilling into the workplace
Those that are forced to shed human capital due to an economic downturn and decreased customer demand
Those that are experiencing unprecedented surges in customer demand due to the industries they are in, such as food, grocery, consumer staples, healthcare, government, defense, and others"
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9 days ago by jonerp
Améliorez l'innovation, l'efficacité opérationnelle et réduisez les risques dans le cadre de votre migration g…
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17 days ago by JINHONG
Worth knowing... Cloud Platform Extension Factory now includes Provisioning service (Cloud Found…
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28 days ago by steinermatt
no better love
Heyriel - Geralt/Jaskier, T --- 1,702

“Come, put that hulking body of yours to good use and warm me up,” Jaskier had said and Geralt, tired of denying the bards ever bolder and more persistent come-ons, had trudged over and done just that.

He’d not expected to be allowed a kiss or ten, had not dared hope to be touched so tenderly in return for his service. Now they are lying here, warm and sticky with the sounds of nature slowly fading back into their awareness, and Jaskier has still not asked him to leave.
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4 weeks ago by we.are.golden
Leaving Redmond after discussing SAP all week long, my departure gate is somewhat topical!
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4 weeks ago by steinermatt
RT : Découvrez tout ce que vous pouvez réaliser en migrant votre vers : téléchargez notre ebook prés…
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4 weeks ago by JINHONG

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