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RT : Hey Bay Area! Save your spot at the next Apache Flink meetup in :

Catch up on the new in Flink, October…
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october 2018 by alpinegizmo
We’re heading to your fav location on Jan 17-19 register today and get $…
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december 2017 by neuralmarket
RT : Good morning ! Had a lovely run. Are you ready for day three of 2017???…
ArmTechCon  QualcommPowered  SantaClara  from twitter_favs
october 2017 by vielmetti
Good morning ! Everyone ready for day two of 2017??? @ Santa…
ArmTechCon  ArmServers  SantaClara  from twitter_favs
october 2017 by vielmetti
Santa Clara police fatally shoot suspect said to be acting 'erratically' - Story | KTVU
A parent called the cops on their son saying he was acting erratically. Police killed the son.
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march 2017 by kitoconnell

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