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Stop in use - Fonts In Use
Another fun retro futurist face.
typography  typeface  tobuy  ***  sans  fun 
14 days ago by gpe
Microsoft Word - SMB Access from Linux.docx - SMB-Access-from-Linux.pdf
This cheat sheet covers several tools for collecting Windows system information from a Linux host.
windows  linux  pentest  cheatsheet  sans 
4 weeks ago by whip_lash
Public Sans Font Free by U.S. Web Design System | Font Squirrel
fontsquirrel's page about Public Sans has comparison overlay with Libre Franklin
public  sans  libre  franklin  artworkers  blog  type  typography  fonts 
5 weeks ago by piperh
Public Sans
they say: A strong, neutral typeface for interfaces, text, and headings.

a page from where you can download Public Sans
type  typography  franklin  public  sans  font  typeface 
5 weeks ago by piperh
Scarlet – Supertype
Had Alexander Girard & Aldo Novarese teamed up to design a typeface, Scarlet might have been the result. In his admiration of the graphic language of the 1960s, Jürgen Huber has designed this sans serif typeface with a matching script in 2015/16.
typography  typeface  tobuy  ****  sans  fun 
6 weeks ago by gpe
Mohol - Hungarumlaut
Mohol is an experimental high-contrast sans serif typeface. The project started with Áron Jancsó’s question: “What is the best way to design a sans serif, mono-linear typeface with an old classical tool, like a broad nib pen?”.

Mohol was originally designed for the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant in 2016. The brief was to design a new typeface, in respect of László Moholy-Nagy’s work and heritage. He was the most famous Hungarian in the Bauhaus, painter, photographer. Moholy-Nagy was influenced by constructivism and a strong advocate of the integration of technology and industry into the arts.

I started to experiment with my brushes and Pilot Parallel Pens. I wanted to draw sans-serif letters with similar horizontal and vertical strokes. I held the brush and the pen only vertical and only horizontal. I drew all the characters with a flat brush and a pilot pen. With different pen-widths I could sketch the different weights of the typeface.
typography  typeface  *****  sans  bauhaus 
6 weeks ago by gpe
Laslo - Hungarumlaut
The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin is one of my favourite places. I like drinking there a coffee, and sketching ideas on the terrace, while thinking on what does ‘functional’ mean. After the first TypoLabs conference I visited again the museum, with a lot of ideas after those inspirational days. On the exhibition there was a Tapetenmusterbuch (facing paper specimen) from the early 1930’s. I fell in love immediately with the letter ‘a’ on the cover and wanted to redraw it and adapt to my language.
typography  typeface  ****  sans  bauhaus 
6 weeks ago by gpe
New Zen - Newlyn
Miles Newlyn has worked with the rounded terminal style for over two decades for a wide variety of clients, and in the process become possibly the world’s leading proponent of this style. It’s proven an enduring expression of modernity, free from leading-edge harshness. Where many sans serifs are austere and Germanic, the rounded terminal is gentle and generous. As those austere sans serifs get bolder, they become increasingly stubborn or poker faced. As the rounded terminal becomes bolder, it appears livelier and more youthful – often at the cost of stature.

This observation formed the brief for Zen – to create a rounded typeface that retained a sense of maturity throughout the weights. This is achieved by the gradual introduction of contrast and a humanist stress as the strokes become heavier. The result is a warm, yet elegant design that has subtle classical proportions to the capitals and an open clarity in the lowercase. A keen sparkle emerges in the counter shapes as weights become heavier, maintaining a sense of sophistication and avoiding the naiveté of other rounded designs.
typography  ***  rounded  sans 
6 weeks ago by gpe
Public Sans
A strong, neutral typeface for interfaces, text, and headings.
public  sans  font  typeface  typography  text 
6 weeks ago by vicchow

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