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Freesound : collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, ... released under Creative Commons licenses
Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse. Freesound provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to:
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5 days ago by cyberchucktx
Sound Samples | Philharmonia Orchestra
Resident at the Southbank Centre, London. Concert and tour schedules, online booking, downloads and information on recordings, players, instruments and music education.
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11 days ago by mager33
Samples of La Di Da Di by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick | WhoSampled
Samples of La Di Da Di by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick on WhoSampled
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12 days ago by po
That Song Sounds Like
Listen to songs that sound like other songs
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12 days ago by po

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