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Configuration/platform management, unless kinda-PLs-embedded-in-Yaml a la or is what w…
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6 days ago by adrahon
Network automation using Salt for large scale deployments
Very often I refer to Salt as one of the most suitable tools for managing large scale deployment - either servers or network devices, but not limited to. While on a server one can install the regular Minion directly, and there are already many well known success stories in the industry, unfortunately, we don’t have the same flexibility on traditional network gear, as the network operating systems are generally extremely limited (to the end user) and closed.
8 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Salt Stack Tutorials
Salt (aka the SaltStack Platform) is a Python-based open-source configuration management software and remote execution engine.
saltstack  configuration  management  tutorial 
may 2018 by rogulogu

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