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بغداد ترسل الرواتب المتراكمة لموظفي إقليم كوردستان والبيشمركة عن
claims Baghdad to send three months salaries in April, also gives details on 2019 budget language on Kurdistan share
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Citigroup Says Men Earn 29% More Than Women Do At Company - Bloomberg
“Citigroup Inc. offered an uncharacteristically blunt assessment of the pay gap between men and women in its global workforce Wednesday, revealing that female employees earn 29 percent less than men do.

“The disclosure – a comparison of median total compensation – offers a more complete picture of pay, compared with the figures Citigroup and other big banks released last year under pressure from shareholders in the U.S. and regulators in the U.K.

“The bank also reported that, among its U.S. employees, people of color earn 7 percent less than their white colleagues.”

In follow-up tweets, she added:
“This is a big deal in pay equity land. Most US companies release what’s called an adjusted pay gap, which controls for certain things and finds equal pay for equal work. This raw figure shows who holds the highest paying jobs. And at Citi — and most companies — it’s men.

“Any company that seriously wants to fix representation should be releasing this number.

“I’m hearing from people that this number is ‘meaningless’ because it doesn’t control for position etc. This number is meaningful because it measures one very straightforward thing: Who holds the highest paying jobs. You can’t hide behind this number.”
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پاره‌كه‌ی‌ به‌غدا گه‌یشته‌ هه‌رێم..دابه‌شكردنی‌ موچه‌ خێراتر ده‌كرێت
Jan. 16; SNNC quotes KRG finance ministry source as saying 317 billion dinars received from Baghdad, all salaries to be distributed by 25 of january
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4 weeks ago by insideiraqipolitics
Hostage negotiation skills provide lessons for the boardroom
JANUARY 6, 2019 | Financial Times | Helen Warrell

A former police officer suggests using surprise to gain an advantage......she is instructing a class of young professional women on how to argue, persuade and arbitrate

She reels off the similarities. “We’re both in the situation where there’s a possibility of crisis,” Ms Williams tells us. “You need to be well-prepared, whether you’re talking to some terrorists on Iraq or going into a big meeting.” 

She adds that managing the stakeholders — such as the parents of abducted children — is sometimes harder than managing the kidnappers. “You’ve all got anxious bosses and CEOs to keep on side, which is difficult too.”...She advises preparing for salary negotiations by researching statistics, calculating averages, and making sure your pitch is evidence-based rather than impassioned......make clear this is a serious discussion, not a water-cooler conversation,”..... She advises using surprise to your advantage, effectively by springing meetings on bosses at a moment when they seem unoccupied and then asking “have I caught you in the middle of something?”. “It’s obvious when they’re not so it’s hard [for them] to pretend otherwise,” response to someone deploying “hostile silence” in the face of requests for pay rises. “Don’t fill silence with nonsense, there’s a British trait of thinking every silence has to be filled,” instead, ask a direct question to force a response. “You could try, ‘what are you thinking about?’ or, ‘have I stunned you?’”.....Something that works well with alpha men is planting the seed that something you want is actually their idea: you can try saying, ‘did I hear you mention X’ or ‘have you thought about Y?’” for any important negotiation are first, identifying the people who are the “real decision makers”, then knowing what is negotiable, and preparing a second-best scenario to fall back on.
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