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javascript - Deadzone in iPhone 6 Plus, Safari, iOS8. Bottom area loses interactivity when tabs are visible - Stack Overflow
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2 days ago by umeruma
New Security and Privacy Features in iOS 12 | The Mac Security Blog
iOS 12 has brought many new features to your iPhone and iPad as we discussed here. But beyond the more obvious changes - new notifications, Screen Time, Shortcuts and others - iOS 12 has delivered a bushel of new security features. Most of these features revolve around passwords and iCloud Keychain, but there are a few other features that make your devices more secure. Here's an overview of what's new in iOS 12 security.
iOS 12 has made massive improvements in the way passwords are managed. Not only has iCloud Keychain been improved, but iOS can auto-fill passwords from third party password managers as well. (1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, etc.) When you get to a login page on a website, you'll see a suggested password in the bar above the keyboard and you can tap it to have it entered automatically.
ios12  passwords  safari  security  privacy 
2 days ago by rgl7194
New Security Features in macOS Mojave | The Mac Security Blog
macOS Mojave doesn't have a lot of visible new features, aside from the new dark mode, but under the hood there are plenty of changes to make the operating system faster, more stable, and more secure. In this article, I'm going to discuss some of the new security features that make Mojave easier to use safer and securely.
As in iOS 12 - read this article about the new security features in Apple's mobile operating system - macOS Mojave brings a number of new features around passwords that will help make your computing more secure. Together with the keychain, which stores your passwords and which can sync them with your other Apple devices using iCloud Keychain, Safari now suggests and stores strong passwords when you create an account on a website.
macOS  10.14  passwords  security  privacy  safari 
2 days ago by rgl7194
iOS Safari search suggestions
Try as I might, I cannot figure out how to remove search suggestions from Safari on an iPhone XR. Does anyone know how to make these Safari suggestions go away?
ios  Safari 
3 days ago by M.Leddy
Apple's new anti-tracking feature in Safari takes toll | Digital - Ad Age
The anti-tracking feature embedded in the newest version of Apple's Safari browser is causing pain among marketers, making it harder to calculate the return-on-investment for digital ads, industry experts say. The version, released 10 weeks ago, completely prevents tracking cookies from working in the open web.
safari  advertising  privacy  apple  adblocker  excellent  ovum 
8 days ago by yorksranter
AgileBits 1Password 7.2 | iLounge + Mac
With macOS Mojave hitting the streets late last month, AgileBits has jumped over to the dark side with 1Password 7.2. The new version looks particularly classy in Mojave’s new Dark Mode, with fonts and colourful icons that stand out nicely against the dark background, but it’s also got some additional Mojave support under the hood, including a built-in Safari extension that provides greater security while also saving users the trouble of having to install it as a separate component.
What this means is that users get more protections against exploits like “man-in-the-middle” attacks, since the browser extension is now more closely tied to the main 1Password app, which is now also “fully notarized” by Apple, which means it’s certified of being free of malware, and also now runs within Mojave’s new hardened security mode that ensures it can’t be manipulated or modified by other apps or processes running on your Mac — an important consideration for an app that you should be able to trust with all of your most important and secure passwords. While new security model in Mojave does mean that 1Password will no longer be able to autosubmit login information — essentially pressing the “Return” key for you after filling passwords in Safari — the 1Password developers agree with Apple that it’s the right call both for both security and for improving the user experience overall. As with prior versions, 1Password 7.2 is available as a free download to everybody with a 1Password membership or those who own a standalone 1Password 7 license, and can be downloaded directly from AgileBits or via the Mac App Store.
1password  mac  passwords  plugins  privacy  safari  security 
8 days ago by rgl7194
1Password 7.2 for macOS Mojave Debuts Built-in Safari Support, Dark Mode, Security Improvements, and More – The Sweet Setup
Built-in 1Password Safari Extension
In the past, should you want to insert a password directly into Safari from 1Password, you would have to install the 1Password extension in Safari. As of 1Password 7.2, that’s no longer a requirement. 1Password 7.2 ships with support for the latest Safari web browser and the 1Password extension is built right in.
I’m excited to see if this is a preferable method to 1Password’s X Chrome browser extension, which effectively puts 1Password into any login field imaginable. Time will tell which method is preferable.
1password  mac  passwords  plugins  privacy  safari  security 
8 days ago by rgl7194
1Password 7.2 for Mac: Welcome to the dark side | 1Password
Safari support, baked right in
1Password has had the ability to work within Safari for years, making it super easy to fill your usernames and passwords directly into websites. With 1Password 7.2 we’ve built the Safari extension right into the app, meaning you’ll never have to install a separate browser extension again!
The new Safari 1Password extension also brings with it loads of security improvements. By using the new Safari App Extension feature provided by Apple, 1Password has even more protections against man-in-the-middle attacks and other exploits of that nature.
mac  safari  1password  passwords  security  privacy  plugins 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Apple's new anti-tracking feature in Safari takes toll • Ad Age
George Slefo:
<p>Nearly half of the $88bn spent on digital advertising went toward search last year and the Safari update is already starting to disrupt digital giants like Google.

For instance, the new version makes it more difficult for advertisers to deploy a practice known as remarketing lists for search ads, commonly called RLSA, that allows brands to segment different Google search audiences using their own data. Brands use RLSA to target consumers who visit their website, or abandon items in their shopping cart, through Google search. But "ITP 2 essentially kills the ability to use RLSA in the Safari browser," says Mark Ballard, VP of research at digital agency Merkle.

According to Merkle, the use of RLSA dropped soon after ITP2 came into effect, hitting a seven-month low for the month of September. "The trouble is there are still more questions than answers as to what ITP 2 is going to do," Ballard says. "It may take some months to develop and we have to watch the data to see what comes of it."</p>

Safari has a 50% share on mobile in the US, apparently. That's from about 40% of smartphones in the US.
apple  advertising  privacy  safari 
9 days ago by charlesarthur
Dark Mode and CSS
With these changes, Dark Mode now becomes another aspect of responsive web design. As with device dimensions or color, the user’s environmental choices must be taken into account. Instead of adapting elements to viewport changes, you’ll be changing designs to match the user interface chrome outside that viewport.
fridayfrontend  css  dark  darkmode  color  themes  safari  mac 
9 days ago by spaceninja

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