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GitHub - BurntSushi/ripgrep: ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern
ripgrep is a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore rules. ripgrep has first class support on Windows, macOS and Linux, with binary downloads available for every release. ripgrep is similar to other popular search tools like The Silver Searcher, ack and grep.
GitHub  regex  search  grep  Rust 
yesterday by coffeebucket
Best tool for Heavy Rust Removal , Scaly, flaky rust - YouTube
Best tool for Heavy Rust Removal , Scaly, flaky rust
Best  tool  for  Heavy  Rust  Removal  Scaly  flaky 
2 days ago by kilroy2
Silverado Frame rot , 40lbs of rust from front frame only - YouTube
Silverado Frame rot , 40lbs of rust from front frame only
Silverado  Frame  rot  40lbs  of  rust  from  front  only 
2 days ago by kilroy2

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